Honda CRV vs Toyota RAV4 vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison Review

Honda CRV vs Toyota RAV4 vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison Review

Our friends at Tom Bush Volkswagen issued a challenge and asked us to compare the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, and the VW Tiguan. We aren’t professional car teste…



Jason SurfrApp says:

Thinking about buying a Compact SUV anytime soon? We compared the Honda
CRV, Toyota RAV4, and the Volkswagen Tiguan in five made-up categories
(because we aren’t professional car testers): Get-In-Ability, Stowage,
Ballerina Legs, Operation Dumbo Drop, and Drivingness. Hope you enjoy the

flexor212000 says:

Too bad since it’s a VW you’ll have a taillight/headlight go out in a
matter of a few months…

senorgato70 says:

A little confused why you were comparing older-model CR-V and RAV4 when
their newly updated versions have been out (assuming, of course, that the
taping of this coincided with the publishing date)

SNESmapper says:

Difference is the RAV4 will keep on trucking after 10 years with no issues
and your VW will be dead in less than 5. We have a VW and it’s an
incredibly unreliable car, we can’t wait to get rid of it and get another
Honda or Toyota.

Mike Studmuffin says:

Hey guys, you forgot to mention the Bugatti Veyron is a fast car.

Jonny Jones says:

I’ve ordered a 2013 tiguan match 2.0 TDI 140ps arriving in 4 to 6 weeks :(.
Very comfy very impressed with the layout drives well seats holds my body
well rides pot holes & speed bumps well so my back doesn’t get jolted as I
suffer from a lot of back pain. Also bending down to get into a car is a
noon for me so limited to what I could have. Brining over 6ft is great to
just slide in no bending. Looked at the RAV4 CRV CX5 JEEP COMPASS dint like
any of them tiguan sold on it.

Having watched a lot of tiguan reviews but yours are the best very honest
reviews so look forward to watching them. Is there any chance you do Somme
off road reviews how it handles & performs as your reviews or on road so
look forward to them if you both can drive off road.

I forgot to ask my uk dealer if the match comes with the sun roof in the
2013 uk model as a lot of the videos have sun roofs in. Your videos helped
me decide on a tiguan so I hope your dealer continues to support you in
more tiguan models in the future. 

Tomasz Skwarek says:

Wow, you guys really don’t like Honda… I understand you like Tiguan
(that’s why you bought it) but its not objective review iMHO it really
looks like someone paid you to say vw is the best and everything else is
…well not..
I owned Tiguan and CR-V, and for me honda is hands down best value, most
reliable and versatile car I’ve owned so far and I’m ok to admit that vw
had better gearbox and better handling in the corners and tiguan is really
rare to see on the streets ( that’s a good thing) but I’ll stick to CR-V as
better overall package.
Please be more objective if you really want to compare cars, but I liked
format and idea of your video , cheers !

Alejadro Marquez says:

U just cant review cars when u own one of them being review . Obviously u r
gonna like the vw better than any other ..

Eric Wajnberg says:

Hey guys. Do we have to understand that for you, American people, men are
always those that are driving cars, and women are then those that are
sitting next to the driver? Are the US a macho country? :)

Christopher Hollinshead says:

Thanking you guys for the refreshingly fun and informative Tiguan videos
…watched a couple of your “Tiguan Tuesdays” episodes. Road trip to the
Keys was funny. You truly enjoy your Tiguan! Previously I had a 2012 Tiguan
and have had a couple of other VWs since then (GLI and a Passat). It was
nice to have a vehicle that was not so commonplace and also I recall how
much fun the car was to drive. …thinking perhaps that I may take a Tiguan
R-Line to try soon.

Stefan Duerden says:

compare the Tiguan to a Mazda CX-5 , merci 

BeatsAtRank1dotcom says:

Compare the VW with KIA not toyota and honda

Boss Cozz says:

The Tiguan passenger seat can fold down for more cargo space

pooey7399 says:

if you are rich get the vw. the crv and rav will be around driving long
after you give your vw away just to get rid of it

Caleb Cissna says:

2:11 Said “Get in ability Toyota Rav4” for the Tigan

Justin says:

2:10 wrong car name

happy543210 says:

wait ’till the VW starts to break down in a few years…you’ll be singing a
different tune once those repair bills begin to accumulate!

chriss Whites says:

Is that suppose to be a review? Please find a different profession!!!!

Levald Kurakin says:

Most stupid review I’ve ever seen

oceanfaith74 says:

I love both of you and your videos…excellent! Thanks for sharing. Btw I
owned Tiguan R-Line super awesome car!

JayeSpills says:

“Get in ability?” Really, that’s how you get in your cars by leaning over
to the passengers side and colliding heads with them because you need to
stretch all the way over to get in? Oh come on, give me a break! Separation
from your passenger is needed so that you aren’t bumping elbows with them
and Honda has the right idea! I don’t know anyone that gets in like this
guy!! LMAO!!!! 

choubleubh says:

good thing you guys don’t care about safety ratings!

MB Benz says:

nice try, failed

T AN says:

At 2:07 you two messed up bad…You labeled the entrance of your vw the rav

ugosage says:

Lol u guys hit the nail on the head for average people, know I know what to

Dealzguy says:

Stupid Biased Video. Also a fully loaded Tiguan almost goes to 40K! Go

Nenad Popadic says:

that is bullshit. The honda cr-v the back seats can recline backwards and
if you fold the seats they go down flat

Jun cha says:

I don’t understand how you can say Tiguan has more ‘stowage’ then CR-V.
I tried Tigun and ,yes it’s tidy but tiny, however, CR-V has space
everywhere! Maybe it didn’t name what space is for what, but there were
much much more space you can’t even name.
Driving? well, VW is German, but CR-V is still good. : )

sidekicklx1id says:

they were biast toward the tiguan

Veetina says:

I would never buy a Tiguan after trying the CRV, it is so smooth and so

Simon Remeskevicius says:

Looks to me like u made the VW look the best (apparently) even though I
would prefer the Honda CR-V

Gregory Perkins says:

The Tiguas will go to hell way faster

Francesco S says:

For example i think Rav4 is the best in this trio…for quality , space
inside and cost compromise…this is my personal opinion… P.S. : i’m not
a toyota dealer.

fasthonda says:

Honda CR-V. Not biased. … …

7birchlane says:

Love my Tiguan R-line, and great video too…

Francesco S says:

So….english is not my mother language but…if i understend well…you ,
Volkswagen dealer , test 1 Volkswagen car VS 2 different brand cars
and….really strange….who win ?? Volkswagen car !

Travelnut500 says:

Thanks for a great review! I am going to buy an suv in order to pull a
Little Guy Trailer and I’m convinced that Tiguan is the one….(it was
between the Rav4 and Tiguan)

HaMooDi86 says:

Biased ugly guy with a deformed nose. American pig white trash!

killersushi99 says:

*Tom Bush Volkswagon has made a mistake*

Kainj1000 says:


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