Full Review: 2013 Toyota Hilux SR5

Full Review: 2013 Toyota Hilux SR5

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Shane Earley says:

Actually they are not. Pickup trucks usually have small alloys so that they
can have fat tires for offroading.

Shaker4x4 says:

The traction controlled Hilux does not require LSD as it uses the wheel
speed sensors and the brake system to monitor slip. The system applies
brakes to the slipping wheel, which in turn transfers torque to the
opposite wheel that has traction etc. The intercooler is under the engine
cowling, hence the bonnet scoop. The 17″ rims pose a problem for countries
that state is illegal to alter tyre diameter on ESC vehicles. The tyres are
around 29.5″ and aired down does not give much wall clearance.

Rich Leön says:

too small wheels for this car

RagingLord01 says:

a awesome suv called toyota fortuner is in india with exactlly the same
interior with 4×4 adjustment shifter but different exterior

Satwika Wika says:

UK spec comes with the rear fog lamps, heated mirrors

Shane Earley says:

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