FULL REVIEW: 2005 Toyota Fortuner 2.7G

FULL REVIEW: 2005 Toyota Fortuner 2.7G

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KavendrigsGP(The GP Lieutenant) says:

Do you know saabkyle04 in america

Oblama says:

What is the difference of a 2008 fortuner from a 2005 fortuner

TheJMP617 says:

@asrockrpg I was actually thinking of a motorcycle but it does sound like a

Earl Matthew Avila says:

Sounds like a sedan

GreatGrandmasterWang says:

How’s the fuel consumption in city driving??

Christopher Pineda says:

so you mean the wti is Gas and the d4d that sounds like a Subaru boxster
engine like ( *clack clack clack*) is diesel?

Salvatore Leone says:

verry impresive 🙂 I like it

abcdefghijkingqrstyv says:

my toyota fortuner is brown extreme

Husky Buddies says:

What’s The Song?????????????????????????????????

Christopher Pineda says:

San Fernando? are you in pampanga?

francisco antonio puertas rizo says:

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