FRS (GT86, BRZ) vs RX8 vs S2000 Review – Everyday Driver

FRS (GT86, BRZ) vs RX8 vs S2000 Review – Everyday Driver

This is the Most-Requested Comparison we’ve come across on our show and elsewhere… the much Hyped FRS taking on the well loved RX8 and Honda S2000. While t…



ThisisBrak says:

I know the Honda lovers came here to watch the s2000 dominate. Fastest,
most reliable and cheapest of the cars.

Sean Murphy says:

With the S2000 you get the most powerful and reliable engine, fifty fifty
weight distribution, a beautiful blue sky above you, arguably the best
looking, and at the lowest cost. It really begs the question, what the fuck
is Honda doing right now?

Alexandre Fernandes says:

Just TUNE the FRS (put a small turbo or a super charger) and all your
problems are solved!

GravytexMusic says:

FRS because I love the look. The others are wannabe sportcars with the
right engine, but wrong exterior. 😀 Dont want a race car anyway.

FiredEmpire says:

These days honda’s reputation as an automaker has kept falling down…the
only way to get it where it used to be and show what they really are
capable of is to make sports cars like the s2000 and the NSX again.
Fortunately they know what they have to do and are working on the
forthcoming NSX 2, so we should just be a little more patient for the
announcement of the next s2000.

coinsagE46m3 says:

Screw all of these cars. You want one of the best handling sports coupes,
nay, CARS in the world? One that has perfect weight distribution, limited
slip diff, an 8,100 RPM redline, a normally-aspirated straight 6 that belts
out over 100hp/liter, and all the while being daily-driver practical and
priced at $20K or less for a good one? You do? Thought so. Go get yourself
an E46 M3 6MT.

krocialblack says:

BRZ/GT-86/FRS is a great car. But it’s simply over hyped. No getting around
it. Especially when there’s much better options out there. Don’t get me
wrong, it’s a great little bargain sports car brand new. But people are
hyping it waaaaaaay up its tail pipes. I mean come on. Ask yourselves. Is
the BRZ/GT-86/FRS really *THAT* special? Fun to drive, yes. But I doubt it
should compared with every car out there. There’s reviewers who compares is
it with ultra expensive super cars, asking “Is the GT-86 better to drive
than a (Insert ultra fast and expensive super ride here)” Come on!

black2011gt says:

I know a guy who did intake, exhaust, tune on his AP2 S2000 and it made it
powerful enough to spin the tires well into 3rd gear from just rolling into
the throttle. Pretty sure it was a low 13 sec car but the rear end is weak
and will break so it’s not a good idea to drag race them. I’m pretty sure
that the other two cars won’t gain nearly as much power from simple mods,
FRS would probably need boost or high compression ported/polished heads,
reground cams, gearing and bla bla whatever else to be as quick.

8000RPMS says:

BRZ is too cute and polish to be a real beat the crap everyday racer, the
RX8 is just dead…..a total deadbeat……the S200 was and still the only true
sports car of the bunch….proven to be a true racer and track car…

Arvind Baskar says:

If only the rotary wasn’t as thirsty and more reliable…

ThingsDemystified says:

Could it be that they think the FRS needs more power only because another
car has more power? I bet if they threw an M5 into the mix that day, they’d
wish the S2000 had more power. You always want more when someone else has
more. There is no cure to the desire for more power.

Zhemin Lin says:

The 86 does not need that much more Power, but it needs a really high happy
revving motor, 9k redline and it needs to scream to get there. Also take
away the Boxer setup and than Toyota gets the approval to place the 86
badge on that car ^.^

RandyJM21 says:

Mazdas fuel consumption disqualify it right away for me. If a car is slow
AND chugs gas and can not abide

ksmuffin says:

RX8 needs more love.

sage11x says:

Here’s logic for you: the FRS is underpowered (opinion) and yet the FRS is
the same price as a Honda civic so (fact). Here’s my logic: if Honda builds
an s2000, now, for the same price as a civic si I’ll sell my FRS and go
with that. Fucking critics and their asinine comparisons.

eidolonbreed says:

Slow as shit

mynameisrits says:

Every FRS/BRZ driver drives around thinking he’s fast and a badass, until
he meets an S2000 on the road :P

GTAgamesfans says:

I would never go for the new Rotary, never. Because as compared to its
predecessor, the FD RX-7, it’s an inferior. Less powerful, more heavier,
have a bad MPG and here in Singapore, most of them are all Automatics and
have bad reliability. It’s either the 86 or the S2k that I’m choosing over.

jvrdlc says:

this makes me want to buy a used S2000… hopefully Honda listen to the
hardcore sports car loyal customers and make the successor anytime soon.
From what i heard they showed up a “Concept” mini convertible to be known
as the new S2000. we will see

Brandon Vang says:

Who didn’t know that the s2k was gonna dominate? As soon as the rx8 came
out they test those 2 and the outcome was the same. Then they added the
frs/brz and the stats just don’t add up to being as good as a s2000 and I’m
pretty sure an ap1 would still be better. 

diligenterable says:

The Honda S2000 is arguably the most celebrated “affordable
enthusiast’s” car of the last two decades. We are talking Steve Jobs
levels of commitment to their vision.

Bottom line: Honda needs to bring Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara out of
retirement to produce a worthy successor. We all know Honda has the
technical capability and F1 success to produce a contemporary driver’s car
vastly superior to the Toyobaru BRZ/FR-S. Justify it as a 65th anniversary
car, I don’t care, just make it instead of FRD crap for American soccer

Submitr says:


RX8: don’t like the wankel, reported oil leaks, problems with cold starts,
not the best on gas, 3rd.

S2000: superior ride admittedly, build is solid. But I just can’t fall in
love with the interior, the exterior, nor the fact that it’s a convertible,

FRS: great fun ride, needs to be cheaper. Mustang puts up bigger numbers/is
cheaper but with inferior ride quality. S2000/Miata offer superior ride
quality and are cheaper. I say knock the price down to maybe 23k for the
base, offer a turbo or the rumored 2.5l trim 250+hp engine for under 30k
and the FRS would be just perfect. its not quite 1st yet, but its ahead of
the latter IMO 

im1greatman says:

The S2000 are great but seriously overpriced for the age.

Waylon Chen says:

Kinda like it when you guys compare those cars as if they were women, and
yea, even I own a rx8. no such thing as best, there is only the one you
love the most :D

opmike343 says:

I understand all the arguments about balance, but I’m not about to be
convinced that the FRS/BRZ would lose ANYTHING if they had 40-50 extra

essel23fly says:

You can’t have a near perfect chassis and great horsepower for 25k. If you
expect both of those you’re a fucktard. You can’t have your cake and eat it
too. Well I’m out of clichés.

Jeff H says:

I bought a new white S2000 in Sept 1999 (Australia) and it was just so much
fun. The closest to a motor cycle that I have ever had. Just snarling
through that magic gearbox up on the cams, oh god, why oh why did I ever
sell it! Sigh.

james hawkins says:

Fuck it for the price I might as well try and find me a Toyota Supra!!

collingoat says:

I’ve driven all 3…in terms of performance in all facets, the FRS & RX8 do
not compare to the S2000. They simply don’t. The engine, the trans, the
handling, the steering, the feel, the precision, the fun…all goes to the
s2000 without question. 

Kingofheavyweights says:

LOL as expected the s2000 wins, I will own one and an 350z. haha =) Honda
and nissan 

ewt415 says:

Good job on calling out the fanboys on their bullshit right off the bat.

Clesarie says:

Huge Honda hater right here. Not a fan of most of there stuff. S2000 one of
the best cars ever. Absolutely the best roadster. It hands down is better
than anything else in the same category. The other ones are over priced and
under powered. 

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