FJ Cruiser review Australia Sydney

FJ Cruiser review Australia Sydney

A preview video presented by Phil McCarroll Toyota for the FJ Cruiser releasing in March.



Wirelinerider says:

Love the old FJ had a 1978 FJ40 which i sold but wished i still kept it! Is
there a diesel model coming out?

PhilMccarrollToyota says:

@Matlow63 We have taken them for extended drives at the dealership and seem
to be averaging between 650 – 700Km’s per tank. This is with the majority
of driving in the city, so to reach 775 could be possible with more freeway

1881hardcore says:

I hope to have one of these when I get enough money and am the right age.
By then hope to see a diesel.

archerkid94 says:

@PhilMccarrollToyota thanks man, that’s way better than what i thought lol
thanks for the reply

st801016 says:

Is it the first time that fj cruiser is released in australia in 2011? does
the price includes everything(like taxes, PDI, freight, etc)?

stingers1 says:

As much I love the look and the capability of the FJ cruiser, I wouldn’t be
buying it untill it comes out with a diesel. petrol engines and water just
do not mix.

PhilMccarrollToyota says:

@archerkid94 Hi archerkid94, the price will be about $45000 plus onroads
which is well below estimate figures given a few months back. Our stock
arrives Monday afternoon, can’t wait!

couchkamote says:

one of the better (non-driving) reviews/promo of the fj on youtube. good
job phil.

PhilMccarrollToyota says:

@st801016 The FJ was first released in the 60’s, but the current model
which has relaunched in Australia was released in March this year. The
price of approximately $50,000 is drive-away including all on road costs

archerkid94 says:

Hi, I was just wondering what the rough price will be for a base model.
Thank you in advance.

PhilMccarrollToyota says:

@archerkid94 No worries at all. Glad we can help. If you’re interested,
we’ve got more pics of the FJ Cruiser on our facebook page – look for “Phil
McCarroll Toyota”. Enjoy!

danik gorbunov says:

Umm no … The back doors come of in an emergency

PhilMccarrollToyota says:

@Wirelinerider Hi, Thanks for the question. Unfortunately there will not be
a diesel model coming out, just the 4L V6 model. However we would love for
you to be one of the first to drive the new FJ Cruiser at our dealership.
If you’re interested, give us a call on 9488 2188. We look forward to
perhaps seeing you soon!

Matlow63 says:

Drove the FJ today at Sydney City Toyota and I can say it was a great 4WD
to drive. There was heaps of power from the V6, but as others have said
they need a diesel for the Australian market. Im still looking at buying
one. Have a XJ Cherokee and the 4L petrol uses more fuel (350k per tank) Im
hearing the FJ has a range of 775 per tank on the open road. Can anyone
back this up?

richardperth2002 says:

i feel that it is unsafe if the back passenger can not open the back door
if the front passengers are dead or knocked out in accident because if the
front doors are unable to be opened by the front passengers is not safety
minded design and i disagree with toyota on the thinking of this future

thabokruger says:

can’t wait till Toyota wake up and realize that Australia is diesel

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