First impression of the Toyota Auris Hybrid (English)

First impression of the Toyota Auris Hybrid (English)

Hey guys. Here is just another video from me testing the new Toyota Auris Hybrid. Car got a 1.8l combustion engine with a total power of 136hp (don’t know if…



tommy j hrflikk says:

the design sucks BIG TIME, only germans cars have good design

Dean Shepherd says:

I actually like the sound of my Auris’s engine when it powers up.

I have often wondered why young guys put trumpets on their car exhaust
pipes to make them sound louder. I think I now I know why.

Still can’t work out what their spoilers and the silly stripes are for
though. ;-)

Dam Dam says:

Honda accord electric motor has twice more power than toyota auris

mav38237 says:

funny english

electrictroy2010 says:

B == engine braking

svergie2 says:

Try the Volvo V60 Plug in Hybrid, it’s a DREAM to drive! Greetings from

Sander van der Linden says:

It’s a petrol engine, not a diesel.

surlograsp says:

So you mean it is a Diesel-Hybrid?!

Mondraketen Fanclub says:

I was driving the Auris touring “sport” with the same hybrid engine today.
I’m really curious what the developers were smoking when they added the
“sport” to the name?! Anyway. I was so excited about driving my first
hybrid, but this car really disappointed me on so many different levels. I
really had expected more. Maybe the next generation will do better.

Distun1 says:

have u ever poked out someones eye with your hair ?

Kamuichan99 says:

I’m not sure what kind of problems you got with the Auris HSD, besides its
not a Supra or a Honda VTEC :D. Steering is full electric, that’s what
might be unusual for you. CVT offers optimum torque in every situation and
on full speed wind sounds dominate. Turbo/VTEC on full momentum will be
louder. You might try a Lexus hybrid for a high performance car – then
again it’s isolation and comfort ride might not be of interest for you. 😀

surlograsp says:

Hey Buddy! Thanks for your comment;) Do you mean refering to the driving
dynamics or concerning the engine and electric motors?

Mert Imir says:

I’ve test drove the 1.6lt 132hp Auris with CVT and it was amazingly crisp.
You should try that too. The one you tested probably has 15″ tires, that
may be the thing made you feel “indirect” as you mentioned in the video.

Christophe3140 says:

at 04:25, you said “it switches the electric motor off”, which isn’t
entirely true. Actualy, what happens when you push the gas pedal harder, is
that the combustion engine AND the electric motor powers the car.

lansdowne10 says:

Great review. One of the best I have seen for this car for this Youtube
view in UK .

surlograsp says:

haha:D good one.

Christophe3140 says:

Nice review, but you should stabilize the video.

svergie2 says:

I mean both, the engine is a D5 wich is a top of the range diesel, and the
transitioning between electric and diesel is unnoticeable!

surlograsp says:

Thank you very much mate!:)

svergie2 says:

Yes! It’s a diesel electric hybrid 🙂

Mondraketen Fanclub says:

Your hairstyle looks like you tested the high-voltage batterycharge with
your fingers! :-)))

Minrok says:

Mich würde echt interessieren, was die beiden Motoren kombiniert als
Drehmoment liefern. Wunschdenken wäre da wohl 349NM. Was ich mir aber nicht
so recht vorstellen kann. Bestellt ist er jedenfalls.

SeriouZ2k says:

Die Angaben von PS bzw. dem Drehmoment beziehen sich bei jedem Auto immer
nur auf den Motor an sich. In diesem Fall hat der Motor 99PS bei 142NM und
der E-Motor 81,6 PS bei 207NM die kombiniert 136PS abgeben.

sparkyauris says:

You speek very good English! these are really good reviews however I have
always been a Toyota Lover so I have to disagree with you on this occasion!
the engine settles down on the motorway, keep up the good work!

Pablo Lojo says:

the “Auris touring sport” is most likely called that now because you would
use the card to do sports but to carry your things to whereever you do

heros2110 says:

Das ist ein CVT Getriebe. Das hat keine Gänge an sich. Vorteil ist, das
System fährt immer im optimalen Bereich und gleichmäßig. Und das
gleichmäßige fühlt sich subjektiv lahm an, weil natürlich kein “Peak” im
Anzug ist, aber das Auto beschleunigt entsprechend seiner 136 PS
Systemleistung. Also wie jeder normale 136 PS Wagen auch. Ich bin den alten
und den neuen Auris HSD gefahren und finde nicht, dass das Teil nur für die
Stadt ist.

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