First Drive! 2015 Toyota Yaris

First Drive! 2015 Toyota Yaris

Toyota looks to regain its dominance in the sub-compact hatchback segment with the redesigned 2015 Yaris, which was designed and built in France. Ron Doron r…



Leon McDaniels says:

If you know how to drive this car decent, you can get around 40-44mpg. You
could get 45mpg or more if you can drive it great. It will go 350-400 miles
between fill-ups. I have one. I purchased mine because it is affordable to
maintain. Not a bad car.

maxxtruck9906 says:

Good video. Lots of information covered in a short video! 

Robert Levesque says:

Toyota you are not fooling anyone. I owned a 2006 Yaris and this car is
basically an unchanged 10 year old design. Not a bad city car really, just
not premium and quite boring…so many nicer options out there now. 

William T. says:

Toyota 4 speed is bulletproof

Krzysztof Blach says:

Everyone is mad for that 4spd and not putting a 6spd, but that 4spd is

jungle jingle says:

Just ugly

Stevie Ray says:

Ron Doron needs to spend more time on knowing and understanding this
product. Why listen to Generalized stats from an actor. The 36 spot welds
were to improve the the strength of the SOOOO needed reinforcement because
if he knew it or not, this car did HORRIBLE in the OFFEST Crash Test as its
clone the PRIUS ‘C”. I don’t think this will be of any help to this car.
Perhaps Ron the reason you fail to tell your audience why the sales have
fallen when compared to the the HONDA FIT and some others, is the lack of
architectural engineering. The Honda fit has the MAGIC SEAT—-Crickets Im
sure are in the background…! The magic seat is unique to Honda where the
gas tank has been moved forward–dead center of the vehicle instead of
under the rear seat like ALL CARS have had them. The new 2015 Honda FIt car
is bigger and better, has more creature features (lane departure,rear view
camera and impressive GO!..)…The other cars need no attention as for
competion..because they’re nowhere near this. Then there is Price—-pretty
much the same againts others and if it’s a few measly dollars more, then I
would still buy it for peace of mind.. I’m in the decades club of owning a
Honda( 24 years to be exact) and it’s worth it

jorge romani says:

4 speed auto in 2014? that’s what toyota is all about, lame, lame lame. I
believe most if not all others have at least 5 speed auto

Jatin Bhatia says:

Honda Fit still the best in that class of cars. Just a good amount of
everything that consumer wants. Like a well balanced meal. 

Mitul Jariwala says:


André Portughezit says:

So no sedan version in the US?

thedriversseat says:
Livelifechill says:

i love my 2012 yaris. it’s still going strong:)

AsangaSP says:

My family brought this, any questions ask. 

Karlo Aldana says:

Looks like Spider man 

George McKean says:

Hey You Idiots Speaking About The Honda Fit….they stopped making them.
2015 is the last year. You Yanks need to do research. The Fit fell due to
poor sales and reliability issues with the rubber banded CVT transmission.
Sorry, but true.

dave dunn says:

Good job on the styling but 4 speed auto? 105 horses? Awful interior?
$16,000-$18,000??? I rather buy a used car. Used cars are a waste of money!

jango1968 says:

not as good as honda

George McKean says:

The reason the Yaris doesn’t sell well in the colonies, because most Yanks
are so obese, they actually can’t fit. The Yaris sells very well in
European countries, and have a proven reliability record. Then again, why
wouldn’t it, its a Toyota!

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