Fifth Gear Web TV — Hyundai i10 Blue Review

Fifth Gear Web TV — Hyundai i10 Blue Review

Unlike most economy superminis, the i10 Blue is powered by petrol not diesel and can be bought for under £10000. In this video, Graham road tests the ‘Blue’…



M K says:

this is the cheapest way to ruin your social life.. and tell people that
you are boring and lifeless.. thats what he should have said..

Adam Hutton says:

1. This car is worth £4000 at most, £9200 is an absolute joke for a toy
like this. 2. Why support the Korean economy when our own is in a shit

quwers says:

Twingo Bizu

JadeEyedWolf says:

@JadeEyedWolf Finally, for the MOST correct pronunciation of Hyundai, do a
Youtube search for “Hyundai Commercial…Sad jingle” and skip to the very
end (0:29). Hyundai is a two-syllable word when pronounced properly, not a
three-syllable word.

jo05dk says:

Great little car it seems. I would consider buying it ovber its sisters,
for the principle of it. Not for economical reasons. You’re right in it not
making a hell of a lot of sense with those glasses on.

JzAeroo says:

@thatciggaweed I love to watch his reviews, really enthusiastic

Tyrone Ross says:

@846524162 look at that grey plastic interior, not a bit of Korea in it you
say? I say not a bit of soul in it, would you really like to spend all
those long hours of driving in that thing? Honestly I would lose my mind.

Crater777 says:

@DJzSith C’mon man, come to 21th century. Hyundai and Kia are growing and
soon they will be better and bigger then VAG Group. Great cheap cars with
nice european design. Not a bit of Korea in it.

Adam S says:

Haha notice how he talks about the Smart ForTwo and then there’s a bright
yellow one at 1:16

panatrax says:

@fvgotch i’m not, i’m just a girl that likes good cars 😀

istvan buda says:

@JadeEyedWolf You yanks pronounce it wrong ,you twat

Mike Adamson says:

get this guy on the TV!!!!

AlternativeUses says:

this is one of the most embarassing cars to drive that i can think of

JadeEyedWolf says:

@dieselboy77 You’ve just proven my point precisely: The UK pronunciation is
nowhere near close to the proper Korean, and the American pronunciation
(“It’s ‘Hyundai.’ Like ‘Sunday.’), though still incorrect compared to the
Korean, is much closer. Thank you! ^_^

Liam Westlake says:

@moneyshop16 Like you then …. Retard

fvgotch says:

@grgaska yo mom?

Crater777 says:

@DJzSith Ok, that i10 really is below the normal level of Kia/Hyundai, with
more plastic inside then usuall. But still, you can’t compare it to washing
machine 😀 They have made huge progress in last 4-5 years, you can easily
compare them to some european cars. And with the price, lower then almost
all rivalls in its class, you can’t really miss with that. I’m talking here
about i30 or Ceed, not i10.

Rares Oroian says:

FIFTH…..comment It is a good car if you are 4 years old .

Jigsjigz says:

@thatciggaweed NOOOOOOOOO

istvan buda says:

@JadeEyedWolf ^ Pronunciations in English vary. Among the variants are:
/ˈhjʌndeɪ/ or /ˈhʌndeɪ/ H(Y)UN-day /ˈhjʌndaɪ/ or /ˈhʌndaɪ/ H(Y)UN-dy
/haɪˈuːndaɪ/ hy-OON-dy /hiˈʌndeɪ/ hee-UN-day. The closest English
pronunciation to the original Korean would be /ˈhjʌndɛ/ HYUN-deh, but the
final vowel is checked and cannot occur word-final in English.

JadeEyedWolf says:

Pronunciation people! It’s not “Hi-yun-dai” It’s closer to “Hun-day” like
“Sunday” 😛

HoccyB says:

I became sad when I watched this video.

cicatrez says:

no doubt the £1000 extra price tag will not be noticed by the majority of
naive and stupid motorists. Such is the sad state of our world now. people
don’t care much about cars, they’re seen as white goods. putting a silly
‘eco’ badge on the bonnet to try and seem cool with peers that also have no
knowledge about cars. sad times..sad times..

quatlen says:

What is this 1993? Nice review.

moneyshop16 says:

these types of cars are for people that are failures in life k bye

panatrax says:

@azdralovic looks like it will only serve for that.

azdralovic says:

@grgaska but think of it as a delivery car in center of london

lamborgboy says:


mrjost55 says:

Seems like car companies are going backwards in time. This thing looks like
the Geo Metro.

timppa600 says:

thumbs up if you spotted the Smart ForTwo in the video 😀

zain7322 says:

Made in India. Exported from India to UK

hiero00x says:

@Pintea100 From looks of your comment, this car is just for you.

Phil Whitham says:

get a life

kastrishis says:

@Lucky13Vinnie it reduces the moment of inertia of the wheel as the mass is
closer to the center of the wheel and as a result less torque is needed to
start rotating the wheel making the car more economical. tiny wheels also
means thinner tires therefore less friction therefore more economical. any
other questions?

kastrishis says:

@Lucky13Vinnie. i would guess the smaller wheels do make the car more
economical.after all there must be a reason why companies use them. the
other “upside” is that they are cheap. cheaper than 18″, chrome,
spinner…and what ever you can buy aftermarket. got a bus to catch, nice
talking to you

Lucky13Vinnie says:

@kastrishis Thanks for answering my retorical question, I guess. Anyway,
the downside of small wheels is that they have a higher resistance in
rolling because bumps and uneven-ness have more effect on them. It probably
doesn’t cancel out the factors you mentioned, though.

JadeEyedWolf says:

Ahh you Brits… Can’t you pronounce it correctly? Do a search for “It’s
Hyundai, Like Sunday Superbowl Ad” and you’ll see what I’m on about…

paulb4uk says:

Hyundai and Kia are absolute rubbish you habe to be an idiot to buy cheap[
rubbish like this unreliable and expensive parts .

JadeEyedWolf says:

@dieselboy77 Actually, I’m from Devon originally. Getting out and seeing
the world (and I don’t mean just living in the US) has taught me quite a
lot. They way people pronounce things least of which. I’ve been to Korea, I
have Korean friends, and I’ve heard how a Korean name (Hyundai) is
pronounced correctly by Korean people, and I can tell you from actual
experience that the way the Americans say it over here is miles more
accurate than how most of the UK says it. Be humble and learn please…

Tyrone Ross says:

But you could get an Mercedes-Benz ML450 hybrid or Lexus RX 450h, still
free of congestion charge, good mileage and much better cars, and before
you complain that they cost more, just remember that it a hyundai, I once
had Hyundai washing machine and it broke in 3 weeks, sums it up.

panatrax says:

looks miserable

matrixloader says:

for the price you pay, you get what you get, if people wanted a refined
car, the weight would add and then the MPG’s would also drop.

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