fifth gear GT86

fifth gear GT86

review of GT86 by Jason Plato on 5th Gear our new forum for all things GT86/BRZ.



FXscrubFX says:

I’m turning 16 next year and I’m trying to see if there are any good cars
out there, I like JDM but it would be hard to find cars like the Supra or
R34. I feel like this would be a great first car for the pricing. The body
looks beautiful and it sounds great. I was thinking of getting the Subaru
BRZ though. Any other good cars like this?

sootyferrari65 says:

I’m not a fan of this car at all. It’s all well and good having something
chuckable around the bends but the engine is dull and underpowered, the
looks aren’t exactly groundbreaking, the noise is bland and boring and to
top it all its no match to something second hand like an S2000, Smart
Roadster, VX220 or Elise 

San D says:

40 000 pounds in Norway, sadly its just not worth that kind of money.

Marc-Kenny DELLY says:


jimvest says:

Nice car but in Finland taxes completely killed this car, basic model costs
47 000 €

BMW 530i says:


Vodkani K says:

please stop playing that awful music during car reviews. Couldn’t watch the
whole thing due to that annoying racket

Dan Warford says:

Like the car, like all Jap cars you have to drive em hard!

Elina Ivanova says:

This car is designed for people who love driving! !!

andrej tsukamoto says:

I like the GT86 but this editing is horrible, fast cuts and rave music do
such a lousy job for the car. it’s like a 90s video for the prodigy, so

kazekami shirotsuki says:

price comparison between base model of GT86
all in usd currency $
japan : 20 000 $
us: 25 000 $
uk : 40 000 $
and at where i live …. (malaysia)
my : 75 000 $
4x of japan price
3x of us price
2x of uk price

Greg Mueller says:

I like the car, hate the music. Idiots! Spoiled an otherwise decent review.

periesicsd says:

test drove it, but it was too slow. From 0 to 100 km/h = 7,6 seconds…
That’s damn slow for such a car and 200 horses… It needs at least 250
horses to do some damage…

periesicsd says:

Back in the days, i owned a VW Golf II GTI 16v with 110kW. That little
go-cart was so much more aggressive. In 2nd gear, it pulled to 110km/h,
which is really not bad. And it was like a go-cart in the corners. Only, it
had front drive, so sliding that, you had to work it. But it was fast for
such a car. And it sounded so good with only a stock pipe, and a K&N
Air-filter, especially in higher revs, it sounded so deep… Where are the
days, only 23 back then… Oh well… 

ademar9988 says:

buy it used for 20k then put a turbo better tires ?? profit

stanczyk11111 says:

..everybody says // notenough “grunt” .. yes it needs stronger engine
(maybe Supercharger … Turbo for Subaru[ btw; Surabu needs diferent design
… what they were thinking – 2 identical cars ?!? .

nallen100 says:

Oh and it lapped the nurburgring as fast as a vw lupo. For those who dont
know what car that is, please look it up lol. It is as fast as
that….Still want one?

Rich ard says:

Yz2504eva Make a sure you join th AA when you get your RX8, ask your self
this, why can I pick up a RX8 so cheap? I’ve just been offered my friends
RX8, 06 with 24k on the clock for £2500, alarm bells were ringing. I found
out there shit. GT86 or BRZ all the way.

Claire Clark says:

after all the problems i had with my last Celica i am over with Toyota …
they can suck my “Engine Check Light”

nallen100 says:

You could of had a number of cars for the same price that would shit all
over that car. Hell the camaro and mustang run 12’s out of the box and pull
better then 1.0g cornering. Sorry but i dont fall for this hype. Its a shit
car no matter how you look at it.

sxclatino says:

This guy has no idea about what this car is about. Idiot talking to a cam
for a pay cheque.

Jonathan H says:

you mean 1985.5 to 1987.5

G-Ammo says:

HQ of Toyota is in Belgium 😉 For Europe that is.

fatboy19831 says:

Why? Just buy a 370z. Dropping a six in the GT86 would make it nose heavy
and well…… by the time you beef up the brakes, rear dif, clutch, tires
you have an 86 250 to 300 pounds more dear or about 100 pounds lighter than
the Z.

Tino M says:

Disgrace to television this!!

Capt Nemo says:

More importantly… it’s balanced! If you don’t have enough power, you are
either in the wrong car or the wrong gear. Having no torque forces you to
learn how drive drive the old way, with technique & skill. Modern cars are
made for idiots who just mash the pedal in any gear and expect things to
happen = for people chasing paper stats, not characteristics.

Ezra Pages says:

@gaurav391 Majority of the Fifth Gear presenters are active professional
racing drivers. Top Gear presenters consist of 2 Journalists and a radio
disc jockey. The world spins in the same direction but listens in the wrong

TheBigBadHateGuy says:

don’t know what the big deal with these cars are, they’re ok but not for
the price.

ray1191 says:

no the 86 is named after the bore and stck of the engine 86mm bore to 86mm
stock dickhead

rey1164 says:

let me clear shit up for you guys, the GT86, BRZ, n FRS, were created by
both Toyota and Subaru, the concept came from the AE86 which is reason it
handles the way it does, also why is called GT86 in Japan and Europe in
conclusion without the AE86, Subaru, and Toyota there is no GT86,BRZ, or
FRS, so quit arguing and enjoy the fact that a car company actually came
out with a drivers car that most people can afford. the balls on your court

oxeclean8 says:

stop being so self-righteous. both pronunciations are correct.

Ctyler93 says:

7.6 seconds is incorrect I watched a 6 manual stock get 6.3 0-60

Shane Fell says:

Why the hell do people keep pronouncing it ‘Eighty Six’? Even Clarkson. If
they knew anything, they’d know the name comes from the old ‘Hachi-Roku’
AE86 Sprinter which was pronounced ‘Eight-Six’

MrVansan says:

My next car ★☆★

Treyce Camper says:

@ 3:54 the tops down and its raining right inside of the car lol

Giantman2001 says:

Music video for prepubescent teens or a car review? Decide fight gear…

sxclatino says:

@1601shrink1061 Rubbish… he has no idea what it’s a bout. I’m me, not a
kiss ass who takes other peoples opinions as fact.

B00h44 says:

Belgian plates? :p

DjOttsel1234 says:

I love my gt86 he is 7 days old yesssssss

Kimmi Matson says:

Im have to own a GT86 someday

moe101auc says:

yes but you get shitty interior quality, a lack of throttle feel, a lack of
refinment and a freaking hyundai. while the toyota is underpowered is gives
proper drivers what they want….but you know nothing about that do you?

Shane Earley says:

ive driven the gt86….love it, so buying one.

ray1191 says:

ok yes the FT86 didnt have a 86X86 bore and stock, but the subura engine
does, this car is design to proform like the AE86 and the 2000gt. P.S the
name AE86 means Toyota code, the “A” represents the engine that came in the
car (4A series), “E” represents the Corolla, “8” represents the fifth
generation (E80 series) and “6” represents the variation within this
generation. now im such you know that, know explan your theory

St Ra says:

I love my GT86!!!!

sparrowlt says:

Toyota can say what they want.. everybody knows that the 86 comes from the
AE86 as this car was born as a “new AE86” .. literally.. i renember when
they were saying it was going to have a 1.5 engine with 130/140hp and just
less than 1000kg.. That first concept was called FT86 and it didnt had a
86X86 stroke/bore engine

mmcsafi says:

its because it takes its name from the legendary corolla ae86. well only
the ’86’ but its a big claim

TheAtroxistos says:

different car in the track look at the seats the road ones are red on the
top but the track ones not

ふぃじ~@エボ86奈々 says:

It will be delivered in September. I think I will enjoy.

nallen100 says:

So it gets out cornered by 20 year old miata’s as well as being beat badly
by the new cars in its category. Which says the chassis is shit. Then they
gave it zero power, slower then a minivan in the straights and it cant
handle as well as a 20 year old miata. Which is why it laps the ring as
fast as a vw lupo. Which is embarrassing if you knew what a lupo was.

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