Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Toyota GT86 – which is more fun?

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Toyota GT86 – which is more fun?

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Toyota GT86 are separated by £214000 and 533bhp, but they are both best-of-breed front-engined, rear-drive drivers’ cars. So,…



Autocar says:

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Toyota GT86 are separated by £214,000 and
533bhp, but they are both best-of-breed front-engined, rear-drive drivers’
cars. So, which is best?

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They’re both handsome, reasonably practical cars. They both have an engine
in the front sending power to the rear wheels. And while the Ferrari F12
Berlinetta will hit 211mph, the Toyota GT86 will ‘only’ reach 140mph. But
the thing we’re interested in is this: can a £240,000 supercar thrill its
drivers on track more than a £25,000 Toyota? Matt Prior takes both to
Snetterton to find out.

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I want a Lexus RC F says:

The GT86 is cheap and extremely reliable, the F12 is ridicously expensive
and unreliable (just like any ferrari). And this come by an italian.

Steve Bonin says:

(Thu09) *Car of the day*

Each day I post 1 car or car related item at 3:00 to help you through your
day…it is a 2 minute window to give you something to dream about.

#s #caroftheday

bosshunterman says:

“F1 gearbox with dual clutch” …

I LOL’d so hard…..F1 gearboxes have nothing to do with the traditional
transmissions found in street cars…..The clutch system is waaay
different, they just can’t afford to use the same “philosophy” in both,
because the units found in street cars need to last much longer…..F1
gearboxes provide perfectly seamless gear changes, while the “simple”
twin-clutch is not quiet….

roywhiteo5 says:

the more i see of this ferrari f12, the more i forget about every other
ferrari. i dont even care about all that 900 hybrid hp in the laferrari, i
just want the 730 infernal combustion ponies

Rany Buckingham says:

What a stupid comparison. At least they could have upgraded the Toyota
with a wheel/tire package, suspension and increased power with either a
turbo or supercharger. Then it would have been a more fair comparison in
terms of fun. The Toyota for just a few dollars more than stock would be,
in my opinion, more fun than the F12.

[Edited] I know the announcer said it was more fun, but in my opinion, it
wouldn’t be if the GT86 was stock. I’ve driven the FR-S, which is a direct
relative of the GT86, stock and it’s not that fun due to the skinny
non-sticky tires and the severe lack of power.

I want a Lexus RC F says:

I’ll take a Lexus LFA over any Ferrari anytime anyday.

rm zeta says:

his little brother.

25877852 says:

Which is more fun? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?

This Is A Cool Name says:

Stupid ass comparison. Honestly

fatboy19831 says:


guyfihi says:

I have an FR-S (the American version of the GT86) and for me it is fun to
drive, but then I’m not a teenager with low self-esteem in a pissing
contest with something to prove. I’m sure the Ferrari is more fun to
drive, but the FR-S is more practical for everyday driving in the real
world. If for some unimaginable reason I was given the Ferrari, I would
drive it for a week, and if I survived, I would sell it and stick with the

tubeengineer says:

1/10th the price and 99% of the fun, yes please :-)

hugediablo666 says:

That ferrari makes an unholy noise

Alexandre Fernandes says:

Ok… I would prefer… a… F12!
That was a dificult choice…
Why don’t you compare a Honda S2000 with the GT86?! That would be more

Kenton Patterson says:

can we have a real comparison mtf

Roland Augustus Garros says:

I cannot think of a more ‘middle’ of the road answer to this mediocre
comparison between two completely different cars!

Whats next on Autocar, Hovercraft or spaceship? Let me guess. Hovercraft in
the morning, spaceship in the afternoon?

Scott Miller says:

Being shunted back and forward left and right by the g’s the Ferrari give
you makes it more fun and also the noise and knowing your in a ferrari

Greasyspleen says:

Amazing how much people complain. I thought this was a very novel
comparison. And, he’s obviously not trying to do a perfect lap. He’s
exploring the handling characteristics of the cars. This requires
exceeding the limits of the tires. Intentionally inducing both understeer
and oversteer to see how the car responds. So don’t say he’s a crap
driver. LOL

Leon DaLion says:

And Porsche Cayman at 0:57 

Christy Chan says:

I’m sorry but how the hell can you compare a FERRI with a Toyota? You must
be on LSD to think of this

Yahmi Rahmadani says:


Ronny Ramirez says:

Which is more fun?well that depends

alex brau says:

seriously? comparing that crappy toyota with an F12?

timbo slice says:

how about that 450 HP Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ? im pretty sure its
power to weight is closer to the ferrari, and its still alot less money

Junaid Akbar says:

was that suppose to be a comparison? lol i get it…April fools in
November. good one. 

Van Dorp Exclusive Automobiles says:

I’ll have the Ferrari, though the Toyota is also a very fun car and it
looks pretty too!

Mike Cassion says:

I’d choose the 86 for the same amount of fun. Cmon, let’s be realistic, the
Ferrari is the car we want to drive but the 86 is the car we can afford—
and it is such a playful car…

Christos Segkounas says:

This video is pretty redundant.
Street:GT 86
Track: F12

Trey Reid says:

I’d take my favorite car the berlinetta no matter what

NatetheGreat620 says:

If you can afford an f12 you mine as well get both.

FlatBrooklynBush says:

I can’t possibly see how a car that hits 60mph in 7.4 seconds be fun.

Elie junior Sukkar says:

Best Part of this Video is 0:53 but goes for only one second, anyone else
fancy the Aston Martin ?

Alessandro Re says:

Next race ,Toyota gt 86 vs Boing 747…

justin y says:

next: ferrari laferrari vs toyota gt86

Nelson Ling says:

shouldn’t compare between these two cars. will you pay for 200k pounds to
get what you’ll get on 20k pounds car? 

VK T says:

Why is this even a thing?

BLT says:

When the guy was talking in the Toyota, I listened and got 100% of what he
said. Then when he was talking in the Ferrari, I didn’t really listen to
what he said, because I enjoyed the sound from the acceleration and
downshifts. That explains which is more fun.

leloodallasmultipass says:

omg, so many people don’t like this video, that must mean I don’t like it
either. sheep.

Micheal Salvatore says:

not sure , but the ferrari sounds more fun.

Joshua Kim says:

So….You take the toyota prius, ill take the lambo since you dont like it

Yiyang BAO says:

I found auto car reviews doesn’t give you anything at all. No information

Jason Chau says:

I love Ferrari f12’s 

andrefrbk says:

This is like comparing having sex with a prostitute and a virgin. 

Olie Diamond says:

Chalk and cheese. What a ridiculous test
I was happy to watch though

Thijs Gieben says:

The point being…

b145701s says:

teh fukk, i can’t make a “thumbs up” on a comment or answer to them :'(

den525 says:

The Toyota 86 is the most overrated car on the market. The terms “fun” and
“exciting” aren’t the same anymore. I rather have a toyota corolla than a
86… at least it has four doors.

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