Exclusive: 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro vs Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Off-Road Matchup Review

Exclusive: 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro vs Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Off-Road Matchup Review

http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro pickup is Toyota’s newest and most off-road worthy full-sized truck. Of course the very same thing could be said for the 2014 Ford…



Wildman113 says:

LOL at the Toyota’s front bumper about to fall off @ 5:11….typical jap
shit, made from glued together rice paddies. How much did Toyota pay you
guys for this review?? The Tundra BLOWS, its the worst truck on the market
sans the Titan, the Raptor is a better truck in every way. 

bwspyder1 says:

who buys a stock truck to go off roading??? dumb city people that’s who.
way over priced junk.

JLP Design says:

Ford has to be one of the crappiest car companies around. All they do is
make unreliable cars and so-called trucks.

Denisceo Lockett says:

Very confusing review. Another mumbo jumbo review. 

Jose Morales says:

Look like the tundra haas true duals 

Daniel Heller says:

I want to see them race around a motocross track for a while. I wonder how
long till stuff started falling off the Toyota? haha

Spoderman Jones says:

Wish toyota would have put some more aggressive tires on that tundra!

TIT0PRO says:

Ford F-150 FX4 vs Toyota Tundra TRD Pro would be a great matchup

Kazak Thranduil says:

Toyota doesn’t even have a locker 

Zachary Jones says:

the key to a good off roader is being light and nimble..not these heavy ass

nimlil says:

Quick summery from a non fanboy of either, Raptor for higher speed desert
runs with some crawling. Power wagon for crawling and going thru more crap,
as well as towing. Maybe a rescue vehicle, TRD Pro for a combination of all
this with everyday usage. GM’s for less off road more street usage or long
distance driving, or just buy your brand of choice cause you can change and
make any of these into the truck you need with money.

kirbyswarp says:

There is only one truck in this video, and that’s the raptor. And I don’t
even like Ford.

filmcostar says:

Toyota for the win! Looks better too and it’s more reliable & good mpg 

chris driscoll says:

The raptor is a concept of a pre runner not a bad ass crawler and the
toyota is more for basic four wheeling 

Danny Contreras says:

I’d rather get a Chevy Silverado 4×4 with the 6.2 or the tundra 

Kyle Fitzgerald says:

Toyota has nothing on Ford I would probably never buy one unless they fixed
some things but I am not going to say because there are just to many Tundra
FAN BOY`s out who can`t except defeat. The only real trucks I like are the
Ford,Chevy, and Nissan the dodge it`s all right but probably would not wast
my money on something that would only last me like 4 to 6 years. Also for
the Tundra only have to say there motors outlast there body`s which is a
surprise because there built in a Japanese car factory in Texas. 

Marko Đorem says:

Yugoooooo brm brm brm, still master of the road here in Serbia Yugoslavia

John Carder says:

Toyota only quotes 1.75″ of additional travel up front and 1.83 inches out
back. I would point out that the Raptor’s primary design is as a
“pre-runner”, not as a rock crawler. Even so, you have to admit that the
Raptor is a better at rock crawling. The Bilsteins are fine shocks but they
are NOT internal bypass. The Toyota would bottom out very easily on a
high-speen run at Anza Borrego.

alex123booom says:

the toyota looks good too

uncoolkid2 says:

Should have compared the fx4 not the raptor

Jay Harr says:

The Toyota 5.7 was adapted from gm. 

klstrucker930419 says:

Would be nice to compare them both against 2014 ram power wagon.

Hobbyandtech says:

Race race!!

bwright1991 says:

One thing to consider is that Toyota offers a dealer installed supercharger
with a warranty. So you can buy a factory warrantied truck with over 500
horsepower and even roll the cost of the supercharger into vehicle
financing. Also, the Toyota Land Cruiser definitely gets loud enough. Even
when streaming spotify over bluetooth. 

Kazak Thranduil says:

Toyota is junk and I own them. Marketing BS

Wildman113 says:

LOL at Toyotas pathetic attempt to copy the Raptor. Right down to the name
across the grille. As usual, Toyota FAILS, just like the morons that own

SnowGo---V12 says:

Wouldn’t the Toyota be better compared to the fx4 f150?

joshua orzako says:

First I dont give 2 SHITS where toyota is being constructed right NOW. It
was invented in FOREIGN countries Means its not a TRUE american truck. We
all know American trucks kick ass. And all you hatiers. Get an american
truck. It’ll last..
Trust me. Of course Unless its a manufacture malfunction.

Kristopher Cline says:

The Raptor is a “let’s go this way fast” off roader whereas the Tundra TRD
Pro is a daily driver that is more capable out on a jobsite that is further
out than what the regular Tundra is for

Mtb Life says:

TOY ota

chrisbest1000 says:

Departure angle is awful on the Tundra, I’d take the smaller ‘truck’ called
a ute…especially the Toyota Hilux D4-D

Thor22 says:

This is just my opinion. Ford out sells the competition because its not the
best truck because of how many models and options they offer. Chevy offers
like 4 to 5 trims when ford offers like 10 to 12 trims. When you have more
to pick from you sell more. 

coolermaster1979 says:

Great comparison! I wish you would have rev’d the engine so we could hear
the exhaust. Also would have liked to hear more about the interior
quality. Good review nonetheless.

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