(ENG) KIA Soul 1.6 CRDi – Test Drive and Review

(ENG) KIA Soul 1.6 CRDi – Test Drive and Review

KIA Soul – a car targeted at young buyers, advertised by hamsters, and bought by a somewhat more mature crowd. The first generation was a breakthrough in the…



Marek Drives says:

@creosl, I hope i’ll get to test it, if KIA in Poland gets one for the
press fleet. EV sales in Poland are around 50-60 cars ANNUALLY (sic!). We
don’t get any eco incentives, so people prefer to buy diesel station

Junk Tuner says:

awesome reviews Marek. Your straight to the point, honest review of cars
helps me decide, even here in Dubai if a model is worth the hype or not. 

Evelyn Schmidt says:

Sadly it is true, in Germany we only get two options to choose from,
‘Edition 7’ which is the basic modell, and ‘Spirit’ which is the higher
class modell. I bought the Diesel-engine with a manual transmission/gear
box and I’ve got quite a good km/l-ratio at 5,9 to 6 liters per a 100km,
but I don’t do a lot of city driving.

Seems a little unfair that you and the Brits and the Yanks get more options
to choose from *laughs* and the better/lower prices. My Soul cost 30.600 €.

Qwerty says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

creosl says:

Have you tried the electric version? Here in Norway almost all sold Souls
are electric. It’s a fun machine to drive.

John Aprile says:

If you can’t tell the difference between flex modes on this car you
shouldn’t be reviewing cars.

Marek Drives says:

#KIA #Soul

jakoku2 says:

pańskie testy mają walory edukacyjne….

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