(ENG) Hyundai Veloster Turbo – Test Drive and Review

(ENG) Hyundai Veloster Turbo – Test Drive and Review

Hyundai Veloster draws attention with its usual design, and with a turbo-charged engine it is also relatively dynamic. In the front the car is comfortable, b…



Marek Drives says:

The much needed turbo is here, but there are couple of other issues to
complain about in the Hyundai Veloster.

nickL7389 says:

In the united states this car costs the equivalent of 16,200 Euros. It also
makes 201 horsepower.

xanderxenius says:

Like always, great review. I never got the idea of the third door. It looks
somewhat great from booths sides, so why not 1 version With 2 sidedoors and
one with 4…?. I like the mat colour:)

Tessio R R Bonafin says:

Hi Marek. I’m from Brazil and I really like your reviews. Please, could you
review the Skoda Rapid Spaceback? Thanks and congrats!

Anthony Hedge says:

I own a matte grey veloster turbo. The paintwork is not a big deal…unless
you are lazy. You just have to use alcohol based spray cleaners and special
shampoo. You should not use machine car washes with any car! Trouble is so
many people are lazy now. Plus with the matte paintwork it does not need
washing as much due to it not being shiny. I hand wash it once a month. In
between just remove bird poo etc. promptly with a spray or just take it to
your local car wash and pressure wash it with plain water. Honestly, the
matte grey is worth the extra bit of effort. It looks so good and turns
heads. Takes an already unique car to the next level.

Rain Nguyen says:

F**k you. Why the hell did you make it look so dramatic getting out of the
car? It wouldn’t be that hard if you weren’t so BIG! Maybe it was meant for
kids. Oh and the third door does make a different, it’s easier to get in
the back. Why don’t you just say you don’t like the car? It looks cooler
than you any day!

Farang Talk says:

Another great review

Rain Nguyen says:

You talk like a freakin robot:)

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