[ENG CC] Toyota vs. Honda – Integra R, Civic R, S2000, Celica, Altezza at Ebisu 1999

[ENG CC] Toyota vs. Honda – Integra R, Civic R, S2000, Celica, Altezza at Ebisu 1999

miroshi’s Integra Type R #1920 homepage: http://itr1920.blogspot.com/ JDM Cars racing. Starting grid: 1. Toyota Celica (Takuya Kurosawa) 2. Toyota Celica SS …



f50koenigg says:

they should have put the mrs instead of the celica. Celica handling and
engine response is no match against the vtech

steven play roblox says:

toyota wins

Sorrow Vue says:

Where is supra

civ18u says:

simple toyota makes people movers and honda makes race cars for road

Kingsoupturbo says:

Great battle! Gan-San is like 30 car lengths lead and still running it to
the limiter in each gear, Altezza’s did pretty well I think considering the
weight disadvantage, shame the Celica 3rd gear upshift wasn’t in the Big
Cam or they’d have been right there with the civic and integra I think

XerniFly says:

Why no supra!!!!

bonamin Honda says:

respecting Toyota and everything, but this battles shows who’s the boss.

even if the DC2 or the EK9 or the AP1 were slower, just LISTEN to that
SOUND. Damn, Honda knows how to make people drool over engines. 

Sony Sultantiono says:

Awesome Video but I think there’s no sound??

ToxCcc says:

Watching this makes me want an Integra DC2 so much more.

Kou Y says:

Should’ve went all out toyota vs honda since they brought the S2000 too.
Bring the Celica GT-4 and Supra for toyota and the NSX for Honda also.

Neil Baldacchino says:

these are awesome !

miroshi says:

This is a final re-upload in best possible quality for a VHS rip.

mugentech87 says:

yea that look about right.

Xplicit Deejays says:

Toyotas are bit heavier makes a big difference. I bet a Toyota soarer 2
jzgte w single turbo would take out that s2k and teggy

Makoto Nba says:

Honda killin it =P

CHari Cooper says:

I may get flamed but i really think that gen celica shouldve got a gt-four
option or have been used in rally. A H22a swap would be nice in that gen
celica with better gear ratios

dairen45 says:

love these videos!! i watch every single one 

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