(ENG) 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 D-4D – Test Drive and Review

(ENG) 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 D-4D – Test Drive and Review

Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado was given a facelift. New rear lamps, new headlights, new grill, refreshed interior. There are also new safety systems, like ad…



Marek Drives says:

+Luan Freire It looks like a cross between Asia Rocsta and Toyota FJ
Cruiser. Is it a Brazilian design all the way, or does it have components
from other car manufacturers?

altern8ive says:

another honest review, i think it managed quite well off road considering
the tyres didn’t look suitable for that terrain

… and i really didn’t need to see a panda’s butt crack at 1:35 lol :)

lapamful says:

Hi Marek, I like your reviews and humour but you didn’t say anything about
crawl control or show this vehicle’s spectacular off-roading abilities.

Granted, the BMW X5 is better on road, but that’s not really an SUV. It’s
just a massive car. There’s a reason why the UN and some militaries around
the world use the Land Cruiser as an army vehicle: reliability and
protection of the occupants. It would be hard to imagine people inside this
car being seriously injured in most types of accident.

I don’t own one of these btw, but I do like them.

Marek Drives says:

Today I’m a sick panda, so I hope you like long overdue #Toyota #LandCruiser
#Prado review.

mawic1 says:

What’s the crack, at 1:38 lol ;)

bstavrev says:

1.38 😀 LOL

Good review though!

عمك القرندح says:

your joke bout the middle east aint funny u short ass lil fart 

Mark Rogalski says:

Where were you for this review? Because I know it’s not poland

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

The soft ride is indeed an upside.
Also, cabin noise in the Prado is low enough to warrant a mention.
Thank you for the review. I always appreciate your honesty and humor.

Luan Freire says:

Here, on Brazil we have the New Troller T4 that’s the better car to

Blagoya D. says:

Try the Pajero

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