(ENG) 2013 Toyota Auris / Corolla 1.6 CVT – Review and Test Drive

(ENG) 2013 Toyota Auris / Corolla 1.6 CVT – Review and Test Drive

The new Toyota Auris is appearing in dealerships across Europe. The 2013 model offers a lot of new technologies. At first glance the car looks somewhat like …



cj4161 says:

I’d go for the 1.6 valvematic, manual transmission. CVT IS HORSESHIT – no,
it’s WORSE.

Roman Macák says:

we have manual transmition … the average petrol consumption is about 6l
on 100km which is pretty great for 120 horse power

Tomasz Larkowski says:

The joke about ‘horse manure’ was so funny that, honestly I have to tell
you, I forgot to laugh.

TekReview's says:

There’s only one company who does CVT’s nicely. Most other car companies
never seem to get them right.

theguyyah says:

Yes, you’re not gonna eat it. LOL

conniedoom says:

In Polen hebben ze verstand van mooie dingen…..haha

sydjaguar says:

Horse manure!!

ksearles85 says:

Looks more like a Hyundai i30 … quite blatantly I might add.

janrdoh says:

From a looks standpoint I am not enjoying the fog light and rear reflector
design in the bumpers. It kinda looks like someone pushed their finger nail
into the clay mold and said “there you go how about that?”

alex joel says:

Toyota’s steering is light to be responsive which is very good….I can’t
believe Dork’s complain about the steering….!

Marek Drives says:

Dorks (plural because it’s not just me) complain, because light and
responsive are two different things. I don’t mind light steering in the
city, but out of the city I would like to have feedback from the front
wheels, and I would like the steering to be more immediate. Not every road
in the world is a motorway. Not every drive is a boring A to B.

TekReview's says:

Toyota has been known to sell these “European” models as a LEXUS in the
USA. Probably why people think its a Lexus CT250h, maybe in the USA its the
same car but with a Lexus badge?

Tim Joseph says:

I hope thy sell this as the Toyota Matrix in the U.S. for 2014. Honda
doesn’t have a Civic based hatchback, so I hope Toyota decides to bring
this hatchback to the tates to compete with the Focus hatch, Elantra GT
hatch, Forte 5, VW Golf, and Impreza hatch.

Aman Kumar says:

Have you seen “Supreme Fat loss”? (check it out on google) It is a quick
way to get rid of fat fast.

Jintastic81 says:

bring it to the united states!

annoyed659 says:

oh no, not the automatic carwash! what a retard

Marek Drives says:

Have you seen “how to be by accepted by the society”? Google it.

TekReview's says:

Add 30 percent to the fuel economy or subtract? Back in 2003 Toyota listed
the Corolla as 40mpg HWY in the USA, over the years its went down to 38,
then 35, now they sell it as 34mpg HWY. Now day’s people sue when mfg’s fib
on there gas mileage.

robert melo says:


I want a Lexus RC F says:

Super beautiful 🙂

ipodgrey2 says:

I like this guy reviews, he’s soo funny and informative! Great job Marek,
keep it up!

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