Driving review of the 2010 KIA Forte Koup SX



I2esistanc3 says:

How reliable are KIA’s im thinking either this or the CIVIC or maybe the
HYUNDAI Elantra. Havr you had any problems with it?

helen chance says:

Good review man, thanks for not being that guy with the lights.

MrNismoSR20 says:

Sounds like you need a 2010 Dodge Ram dude. :o) Kia has come a long way
though you’re right.

NaMeanY0Jalapeno24x7 says:

Tc should be faster than the sx in either auto or manual.

krazyk86cu says:

@exedy699 Thanks! I actually had the sub installed at a shop, so all I know
is that they used a line out converter. As far as the battery wire, there
should be a hole in the firewall near where the battery is.

K Serrano says:

lol, they told you that the interior of the forte is cheap? the corolla’s
and tc’s interior look’s way cheaper and costs more. anyway good review

Ryan Moore says:

You still driving this? What are your impressions after owning it for this
long? Thanks!

dave11686 says:

Sweet video!

robins1818 says:

Your view made me feel like im in the plane..

Aqrab1 says:

i completely disagree with you about the back seats im a big man and i can
go to the back seat so easlly and there is a space this car is amazing but
the 2011 does have paddle shifts and 6 speed auto right guys ?

FKNhostile187 says:

FINALLY some real music in a review. awesome stuff.

exedy699 says:

@krazyk86cu I see, what power does your sub handle? And the amp? And have
you noticed power draw that is noticeable while playing your system loud?
Because mine will be doing 1500 RMS, so I am wondering if the current
alternator will at least live through it haha.

krazyk86cu says:

@redbullfan479 Because I like the Forte Koup better. Like I said, in my
opinion, the KIA beats the Mazda in every category except for handling.
Thats just my personal opinion.

krazyk86cu says:

@hanlongispro Its a great car for college students. I’m a college student.
Its pretty good on gas. If you drive conservatively you can get between 27
and 32

exedy699 says:

Hey man, great channel and good walk-throughs of all the options. I am
about to buy a 2011 Koup EX myself, and I have a decently powerful sound
system that includes some 6×9’s and 2 10″ subs. I see that you used the RCA
converter, and I’ve read that you just have to splice the red and white
cables from the HU. Which one did you use, and by that I mean did you take
it from the side cables that go to the rear speakers, or from the HU? And
where did you run your battery wire from? Great vids!!!

Sadeth Cheng says:

Dang, please do it at daytime next time!

Harshik Kumar says:

@krazyk86cu Why didnt u try to get a used 09 mazda 3???

Dhruvil shah says:

dud i like that u compare between mazda and kia because i m really confused
which should i buy. and here kia wins its has a lot more than mazda and
people like us gone a make kias good persanality . thanks loves your video
on koup keep making them.

krazyk86cu says:

@sheersoxNC anybodys voice would sound odd when using a cheap camera with
garbage microphone.

krazyk86cu says:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the restyle. If I had the budget for a Speed3
however, that would have been a different story haha

FKNhostile187 says:

Animals as Leaders?

jikatron says:

question, the shift paddles on the steering wheel? yeah, can you shift from
1st gear to whatever gears like a manual? im confused on it’s
functionality. reply to me please!

brad taylor says:

Regarding the ipod hook up. I dont know if the forte is the exact same but
in the optima we can hook our iphones up through blue tooth and it seems to
sound a little better and your phone is not confined to the length of the
cord. It does take a little messing with the first time you try to do it.

krazyk86cu says:

@jikatron This car doesn’t have shift paddles on the steering wheel.
Instead, you can slide the shift lever into a special slot where you can
change the gears semi-manually. By that, I mean that you can control what
gear the car goes into, but it won’t allow you to put the car into a gear
that will damage it. For example, it won’t let you shift into 1st while
doing 70mph. However, it will let you drop into 3rd to accelerate while
going that speed. Its for the most part idiot proof.

Saabkyle04 says:

Awesome video bro!

krazyk86cu says:

@MrNismoSR20 I LOVE the 2010 Ram. I’d love to have one

krazyk86cu says:

@Aqrab1 yeah, its supposed to have them. I wish mine did 🙁 and yeah, my
6’4″ 230lbs friend fits back there. Its not super comfortable for him but
he fits lol

TJC450 says:

@2000mercurysable Prolly because his last mazda gave him some type of issue
he made a video on it.

Forgoten214 says:

Nice review man, Not a bad car. If only I could fit in one. lol

krazyk86cu says:


techdude6693 says:

He was referring to the original tC. That one had a 2.4 w/ 158HP and
4-speed auto. The new tC isn’t that fast either. My friend owns one and my
Forte SX is just as fast.

sheersoxNC says:

your voice is ODD

krazyk86cu says:

@Lite1201 sure is. Checkout his review on it. Hes got one on my actual car
and then another on a different forte koup.

hanlongispro says:

Hey bro I was thinking about getting this car for College in 2 years. Would
you recommend it to a College student? Hows the fuel efficiency? Thanks

krazyk86cu says:

@jikatron yes, you can, however, you have to shift in sequence. You can’t
drop from 4th to 2nd. You have to go from 4th to 3rd, and then to 2nd. So
ou definitely don’t have as much control over whats happening as in a
manual, but If your going to have an automatic car, I’d rather have the
option than not. I’ve heard that the 2011 fortes will actually have paddle
shifters! That will be a huge improvement over the slapstick system my 2010

Josh Shepherd says:

hey man got a question for ya. i was told that if you get subs in your kia
and for any reason a wire is spliced and something goes wrong ( headlights
fail, speedometer goes faulty etc) that because circuitry was messed with
they will automatically assume that its because of the spliced wires. have
you had any problems from your prof instillation?

krazyk86cu says:

@exedy699 The sub is made for around 500watts, my amp is rated at 634. My
friends noticed that my headlights tend to dim when the bass drops. haha

Lite1201 says:

Is this the car saabkyle reviewed

jikatron says:

ohhhhhh so it IS possible to shift from 1st gear to 2nd to 3rd etc. by the
shift lever like a manual car? but in an auto? cool 😀 im getting a 2011
forte soon, and that has paddle shifts. was curious on how they work tho.
thanks 😀

exedy699 says:

@krazyk86cu Oh haha, wow. Im guessing I’m gonna be doing the big three
then. Man i test drove a Koupe today, and I am just waiting on another
dealership to see what they can offer me, and im off to get it!!

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