DRIVEN 2014 #5: Mazda 3 vs Toyota Corolla Altis vs Kia Cerato

DRIVEN 2014 #5: Mazda 3 vs Toyota Corolla Altis vs Kia Cerato

It’s the battle of the C-segment and we’re pitting the new Mazda 3 and the Toyota Corolla Altis against last year’s champion, the Kia Cerato.



stop asking me to change my name! says:

The Mazda 3 is the best looking ,best handling,most power and best mpg’s.
Why last place ??

stop asking me to change my name! says:

In North America the Mazda 3 is rated #1 of all compact cars by reviewers.
In fact it was voted Car of the year amongst all classes by many reviewers.
The Corolla is typically around 10th place and CVT’s are considered garbage.
All the reviews of the Mazda 3 coming out of Malaysia are giving the 3
really,really bad ratings???
Anybody know why there is such a huge difference? Is it a cultural thing?

Le John says:

Ever since my dad rolled his Camry and the constant electrical issues with
our Vellfire. I lost all confidence in Toyota. Prefer the 3 and Cerato.
Just my opinion though


For best price and cool features,i would choose the kia cerato 2.0. It has
the highest horsepower continued by Mazda3 and Corrolla Altis.Even the
corolla Altis has CVT gearbox and mazda 3 introduced its latest
skyactiv,the Cerato still wins in fuel economy.Not only that,the Cerato
awarded NHTSA 5 star safety with 6 airbags and active features.I don’t
guess the bodyr oll will be the major disadvantage for the Cerato as you
still have 3 modes to choose your driving style.These guys didn’t mention
that.Although the mazda design with theme of KODO(soul of motion),remember
the kia is designed by world best designer P.Shreyer and it always tops of
all the D segment.

Kw Lim says:

Mazda 3 is a great car. It didn’t win the car of the year for nothing. But
as usual, once reached bolehland, it will be strip down to the bare minimum
spec and price will be inflated.
For RM140k u get
No auto wiper
No auto headlight
No auto dimming rear view mirror
No cruise control
No front sensor
No leather seats
No hood insulation
Clearly this is daylight robbery. These stuff are standard in the RM115k
Cerato, thus making it exceptionally good value. And let’s not start with
UMW, the king among bloodsuckers in M’sia. 

Fakhrulrazi Mahtar says:

The mazda3 front plate number placement was so bad.sigh

Timothy C says:

The 1.8 altis in indonesia got 151 HP, why in malaysia 2.0 only 145?

Leonard Chang says:

next episode; Isuze Dmax, Ford Ranger & Toyota Hilux PLEASE …

Yuki T. says:

I dunno about the other cars, but I just like the looks of Kia Cerato.

Choong Manfred says:

None of the 3 machines here beats VW jetta in terms of ride comfort and

Jun Fung Wah says:

Last Driven Kia Cerato was rated at 15.9km/l.
This driven at 13.0km/l.
The variance between the two data test is so high?

magoo308 says:

Japanese importer are robbing Malaysian big time!!!

Timothy C says:

The 1.8 altis in indonesia got 151 HP, why in malaysia 2.0 only 145?

Justin Javellana says:

Another great episode! Absolutely loved the humour. 

Cairell Marwan says:

Wak Doyok? LOL

SOLO Lim says:

well, mazda 3 is the only car dominated for the 2014 world car compete with
all other premium cars. So u know what i mean….

Jeffrey Chua says:

Harvinder is right mazda 3 is best

shumayelahmed says:

tahts jus rabbeesh…

Glenn Stewart says:

Odd result. Most reviews in the US, Australia and Canada award the Mazda
1st place. Never heard CVT and good in the same sentence. The Corolla
version of it has never received praise until now. The Skyactiv
transmission in the 3 however has always been given a lot of praise.

You need to re-test la.

David Fatt says:

Where is the Hyundai Elantra?

thierry Pereira says:

I have to say.. The Mazda 3 looks impressive as a whole but the price is a
NO NO.. I wud stick with the Kia Cerato…..

Jason Mok says:

Japanese cars built with quality ! 

Krishanth Krish Krishnan says:

Good reviews guys. Pls keep it up…

beranihati2008 says:

Toyota’s safety emphasis is low with only 2 air bags given for the basic
model and also in accord 2.0l. Its high time they woke up to reality.

Perunding Alif Bersatu says:
Phelix Puan says:

Love the show! keep it up guys!! 

Rino Carey says:

This episode is about the C-Segment saloons gone forward with the
B-Segments to the D-Segments it is not interesting too big and it doesn’t
suit your need so go to the C-Segments that suit your needs.

My rankings are
1. Toyota Corolla Altis
2. Kia Cerato
3. Mazda3

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