DRIVEN 2014 #3: Honda Accord vs Nissan Teana vs Kia Optima

DRIVEN 2014 #3: Honda Accord vs Nissan Teana vs Kia Optima

In this episode, the Driven boys try out the Honda Accord, the Nissan Teana and the Kia Optima to find out which is the best 2.0 litre D-segment sedan on the…



yuunjac says:

I LOL’ed hard in this episode. Another great episode and as much
informative as entertaining it is. I’ve been dreaming of Optima K5 and this
review does provide me a greater understanding of the car and its rival.

Somehow, it does seems like the lines that draw the differences between car
segment begins to grayed up. It feels as if Civic is better than Accord

Oh! Media says:

It’s K5 for me.

Le John says:

The background music during sam loo chase made me laugh so hard 

James May says:

Bad video review. Poorly scripted.

Probably the worst car review in the region

Darren Loke says:

So i guess the Camry GX trim isn’t shown here because someone “fly kite”?
(Msian term)

Good to hear that Hafriz is getting better with his presentation. Thumbs up

Sunil Nayar says:

good one guys, cheers! “A for affort? i thought that was an E effort”

stop asking me to change my name! says:

I love the accents these guys have!

Aneel Raj says:

please do a pickup truck episode guys..

ShaKma Productions says:

Ayo, pak guard why so racist? LOL

Mohd Sallehhudin Abd Aziz says:

Accord should have won. It’s a much better car design wise and for overall
features.A towkay will never agree to be chauffeured in a TEANA- Not in a
Nissan ever. The car looks like a plain Jane compared to ACCORD’s crisp
lines.Thanks Paultan for excluding CAMRY. It’s an overrated car except to
laughable Sam Loo.Overall nice episode especially the ” Pak Guard ” test.

Budleee Bazz says:

So he is the infamous sam loo.LOL.

WizKit Delon says:

u’guys forgot Toyota Camry

Salman Man says:

Tax tax tax tax tax give me heartattack

Darren K says:

Kia doesn’t appear and in fact doesn’t come with that “noisy” when you sit
at the back. I sit almost everyday in my dad K5. Paul is racist toward
korean car here AGAIN.

Rino Carey says:

This episode is about the best 2.0 D-Segment sedans cost under RM150k it
best to comfort a person along in the rear.

1. Honda Accord
2. Nissan Teana
3. Kia Optima

The Honda Accord with its luxury, practicality, quality, comfort and modern
standard the Honda Accord is the desirable car.

Armesis P says:

anyone who drives a car with more than 100 horsepower will know petronas
fuel is shit

robochitti says:

Great comparison. Specially about the obsolete color of Accord and “Style
but no substance” of K5. Correct to point review.

nikko nick says:

Is k5 really that noisy n stiff?i always dreaming to have one…

amirul aiman says:

Hoy ! Want buy toyota or not ?! . give me a tax free GT86 and we will talk 

Moon Light says:

Nissah Teana ohh come? SUCK!!

Jai Ganesh says:

Honda accord looks better than teana.Especially interior.

ezer ahmad says:

The short guy, I just don’t really like the way he speaks. Sounds too
script oriented. Especially when he tries to express something at the end
of his sentence. Kindly improve. 

G ZC says:

Nice review, what they focus is on ” All rounder “. They are kinda neutral
except for Toyota which is obviously no match. Sad life toyota =D

Bruce Wayne says:

Honda jazz vs kia picanto vs

Kenzcreation says:

I am km 2014 owner, and I love it and proud to be a k5 owner. Is a nice car
and fun to drive. Just some minor upgrade it is perfect. Sun roof is my
night time favorite features. No doubt is the k5 won.

W mlg says:

LOL Imo exterior would go to K5, Interior would go to Accord. Teana can
suck balls. Ugly and plain 

wei lip lee says:

i love sam loo… lol haha

Fathi Azzam says:

WOW i personally think the taena looks bad.

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