DRIVEN 2014 #1: Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Nissan Almera

DRIVEN 2014 #1: Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Nissan Almera

Which is the best of the B-segment sedans — the new 2014 Honda City, Toyota Vios or the Nissan Almera? Watch to find out the Driven Web Series verdict. Read more Malaysian car news and reviews…



Theruben1223 says:

Back in Malaysia.. I bought my parents a Vios 2014! on my last visit I gave
the car a try! and yes it is amaizing

AnonymousJ says:

I’ve been driving my new City for a few months now and I totally love it 🙂

megadisc1982 says:

well made video…

now i am getting a myvi

Montel Fernoz says:

I shall get the proton Suprima S. TURBO 🙂 

Budleee Bazz says:

I think you guys are trying to be Top Gear.. I think its cool, and you will
grow into your respective characters. I kinda agree with the verdicts…
now if Toyota decided to give the Vios a safety package, the only thing
City can be proud is the fuel economy and interior space

chin wui min says:

Comments n review is fine, Pls don criticize. Car owners might get
offended. THANKS

Skylineman says:

Unfair for almera…
If wan test for handling, y dun wan drive impul or nismo almera?? (5:04 tis

Isaac Tan says:

This is unfair to the Almera…at the price tag of trd vios and honda
city,u already can get Impul spec of Almera…

Sky Chong Chow Seong says:

Is city really that noisy…?

zahid zakaria says:

I saw the new wrx sti at the intro, cant wait !

M Syafiq Roslan says:

Nice video! Good job Paul Tan and team.

James May says:

Some of the talking can be cut.

No talk about the multimedia and interior?

Poor review

boy638 says:

the City “crash” was really convincing, clever touch!

zero2zero4 says:

while i agree the drum brake is good enough in optimal condition.. you
cannot argue it will dissipate heat as good as disc… and when u sits four
adult.. it’s not as light as you like anymore..

imagine going down hill with the rear brake losing effectiveness.. while
the front still bite.. what will happen on the next corner..?

and don’t talk about stability control helping this kind of situation..
because stability control control your throttle and active braking to slow
down your car… but it doesn’t control the momentum and gravity pull
during down hill.. in fact the more it tries to control the worst its going
to spin…

but don’t get me wrong.. i drive the prev city and i like this new city..
given a choice of 6 airbags or 4 disc.. i’d choose the airbags.. i just
wish i don’t have to :)

Wayne Leong says:

Great video guys, you guys should have commented on the interior space it
could be quite important to us normal consumers thanks 

abdul jalil mohd. shah says:

btw.. the price of cik city V class is NOT 88K.. 90,800K lor.. hinggit

Alex Yeoh says:

Thumb up for the improvements & funny moments! Keep it up! 😀 

MaxChoo says:

Where’s the mitsubishi attrage? Im buying one. any comments on it?

geelo says:

Love u guys. Very entertaining.

Amresh Ravindran says:

I think you should do reviews on malaysian cars such as Saga vs myvi.
Something like that 🙂 

Rockky Mann says:

driven should be given separate channel… 

Simon Tan says:

WHAT? Where is Paul in the Cerato 1.6?

Aero7SVR says:

A great start to Season 3 ! I really, REALLY like how you guys emphasized
the safety aspect so much, almost to a point which sealed the verdicts.
Whether or not the safety aspect is overrated, it matters not, because at
the end of the day, human lives are worth more than a nice badge or body
kit. Looking forward to Episode 2 !

Calvin Song says:

Wow, got to admit you guys are getting more confident and presentable in
front of the camera! KUDOS!! Keep this series coming guys!

fahmi fisol says:

getting better n better

Andy Soe says:

Well done guys! Eager to watch the new season of Driven just like the World
Cup FINAL. Hahahaha…….

Yohere c says:

This Honda’s airbag working o not?later Honda taking them back how?

Chan Chun Yew says:

Quiet unfair, that price u could get a impul full kit or nismo full kit,
but it is just a vl.

DC YK says:

Kudos! Great Review… Stick to the core!! What makes a drivers car.. a
drivers car.

Faizul Adlan Anuar says:

I cant believe i actually laugh at some jokes. Good job guys!

Avin Kevin says:

3 foreign cars of my choice. For now, I own white Honda City E specs. Noise
problems, i don’t much annoyed by that. I always on my music loud, so i’m
not too much bother. 

Kh Wong says:

do luxury car comparison reviews also pls

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