Detailed Review: 2015 Kia Forte5 on Everyman Driver

Detailed Review: 2015 Kia Forte5 on Everyman Driver – Detailed Drive and Review: 2015 Kia Forte5@EverymanDriver @IMDaveErickson GoPro Camera Fund – Donate $25 here: …



Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

Here’s my Detailed Drive and Review Video: 2015 @Kia Forte5 with
@EverymanDriver @IMDaveErickson @TimexSports


Technically that was 5 words, and it depends on the wheel but usually 10 &

Adam Cooprider says:

WOOHOO Tuscon Az shoutout 

SilverWolf25 says:

My hand position is always at 5 and 7.

Statimtek says:

Nice watch there Dick Tracy : )

David Danciu says:

Can you review the Hyundai Elantra PLEASE!!

1guyin10 says:

Strangely, with the Forte the 1.6 liter turbo is actually rated at
noticeably worse fuel mileage than the 2.0. The 1.6 auto is 21/29 where
the 2.0 is 24/34. 

Eric Brouet says:

Black socks with shorts Dave? Come on man!

Hiblario says:

Hooray another Kia review. Come on Dave. 

Takehiko Inoue says:

plz do a jeep wrangler unlimited off-road !!!

bikephil says:

Nice car! Wow that’s a big watch.

bigbuckoramma says:

10-2 is a decent starting point for reasonable control, because it provides
ample leverage for most people, and promotes heads up driving.

9-3 is the preferred method for most performance oriented drivers and race
cars. Because it offers the best feedback, and because you can do a full
arm cross-up to catch a big drift without having to re-position your hands,
allowing for much faster reaction times.

According to the NTHSA and the IIHS, you should be driving at the 8-4
position. Their reasoning is that in new cars with “smart” airbags that use
multi stage, variable pressure detonations that open very rapidly, and then
fill out more gently to match the impact of the crash, having your arms at
10-2 could cause significant injury during the initial inflation of the
bag. From breaking your arm, to causing your arm to fly back in your face
causing severe facial trauma, and also possibly reducing the effectiveness
of the airbags deployment in general.
By placing your hands at the 8-4 position, when the airbag deploys, your
hands will be pressed into your lap, and out of the way. They will also
already be slightly bent in the natural “at rest” arm position, so there is
significantly less chance of bending the elbow joint backwards, or
sideways, and severely injuring it, or breaking it.

Pedro Teixeira says:

This is the same as the Ceed in Europe. I find the Ceed to be better
looking, and seems have some better details in the finishing.
Hands: 9-3. I’ve commented on your (bad) hand position more than once,
Dave. You are constantly driving with one hand on the wheel and one on the
center console.

Doug Ninja says:

Left hand at 1. Right hand on you chin. Gangsta style.

TheMate01 says:

6 and 12 for maximum safety and comfort

R Wu says:

I noticed KIA is moving upscale as whole, a fully loaded Forte is a pretty
desirable car imo. 

thxiv says:

Two fingers at 7:30 o’clock…power steering exists for a reason…

jazzygirl24100 says:

10 & 2 (nice legs)

AntsAfan301 says:

Dave your a trip lol i see you balling out with the watches though

Zach Russell says:

I’m not a fan of Kia…however, I have to say they keep up the pace with
the big dogs when it comes to technology. If I were to buy a Kia, it would
probably be the Sorento. Thanks for the review Dave.

blondejokes495 says:

How about a compromise on the proper steering wheel position: 9:30 and 2:30!

By the way, Dave, it seemed like you had a lot of fun recording this
review. Maybe a little too much fun.

And two questions question: 1) Is there a button on the driver’s door to
activate the power-folding mirrors, or is it a function you have to enable
in the vehicle settings? 2) Was that a trunk pass-through when you folded
down the center armrest?

ronny Brown says:

Nice “real” review. Maybe I’m partial because we own a 12 SX 5 door. 61,000
bulletproof miles. Tires and a couple of brake light bulbs. I’ve owned 4
VW’s in my life. My 1st new car was an 85 GTI. I love hatchbacks. Also, I’m
48 so unlike what some other reviewers have stated comparing the SX to the
GTI and Focus ST, not everyone needs the “hot” in their hatch. To be fair,
I really like the GTI and yes it’s a “nicer” car in both materials and
driving feel, but in the cost comparison, a 5 door GTI (even non
performance package) equipped like a loaded SX is $33,000. For the $$
difference, I can live with the difference in “feel.” If you want a
warranty that comes close to Kia’s, you have to add an extended at
$1500-$2000. Plus with the factory incentives Kia dealers usually get, you
can easily deal a loaded SX out the door for under $25,000. There will soon
be a new 5 door SX parked next to our 12.

Ivan Vojt says:

It’s the Cee’D.

DaddyIvo says:

At first glance, I was like, “OH SNAP! That KIA looks HOT!” Didn’t know
this model was coming out until I checked my YT feed and your vid’
popped-up! Great review!

B000gnish says:

I have a Pontiac Vibe AWD that I really like. I’d get another one but they
don’t make it anymore. If this was AWD I’d be all over it

Hafidz Dzul says:

I prefer the middle ground. 9:30 2:30

Alex Cupples says:

Nice car but the cas milage

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