Corolla Levin AE86 VS Toyota 86 (FR-S/BRZ) Comparison – Hot Version Volume 116

Corolla Levin AE86 VS Toyota 86 (FR-S/BRZ) Comparison – Hot Version Volume 116

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GTChannel says:

Old or new – which will perform better? 

Brad McClaren says:

Old or new – which will perform better? 

xuimod says:

Why isn’t this touge track in Gran Tursimo? That makes no sense to me
because both the game developers and the track are located in Japan.

ZKronicMon says:

He needs that Suzuki motor in the AE so he can rev to 10000!

Elephant says:

This is the volume I was so looking for– are you going to continue
translating more clips from this volume GTChannel? Keep up the good work!

whiteynator says:

New one for sure. It’s a beacon of hope for sports cars that are “driver

Deiby Lopez says:

The old 86 still has a full interior, while the brz has been gutted big
time, no rear seats, radio, ac and it ran 26 and the old 86 ran 27 kinda
sad the new car couldn’t do better. 


*initial d hachi hoku o/*

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

Stock 86 vs. stock ND Miata 2.0 and also stock AE86 vs. stock ND Miata 1.5

ironz18 says:

To me,it’s always gonna be the original AE that’s gonna be the winner. As
good as the new one is,you can’t strike that kind of magic twice.

thatonebeone says:

Dam.. my frs spun a rod and toyota won’t cover it.. 33k miles.. now I’m
going to buy a used motor for 2k under 12k miles.. love my frs gt86 but dam
toyota are punks.. going to drive it for a bit and sell it.. and get a
nissan or something else..

Brian Ang says:

If possible,for future episode,please translate the car specs/parts
description into english as well

malideux says:

What does stroke mean?

MrFujiwara AE86 says:

I prefer the AE 86✌️

muhammad aizat says:

Even with new technologies,the old one is more better. The true AE86

Ryu Fūrinkazan says:


wrongfire says:

Dat boxer motor.

HydraWolf1 says:

Yeeeeaaaaah touge

Jess RR says:


Savior Styles says:

I’m so happy their doing videos, again please keep them coming! Ae86 <3

0991ekul says:

i’d rather a new 86 than an AE86, as much as i love the little old school
machine, the new generation has much more room for improvement.

NASCAR511 says:

I think, the new MX5 ND8C have only 1000kg, can, with a light tune, going
to be the next touge monster?

B22 says:

wow Hot Version in HD looks great. Can’t wait for more. Thanks GTC

Chris Pellatt says:

My heart says Ae86 but my brain says 86. It’s hard to compete with 25+
years of technology development. I just wish the 86 came out with a next
Gen 3sge Beams motor. Then it would feel like the younger brother of the

niceprince says:

Is this for sale yet???!!! I NEED THIS!

coldvaper says:

I would like to buy the whole volume if it is translated. Where can I buy

brendan2jz says:

i know that these cars are basically the same but the GT86 seems way better

John Smith says:

They are driving the new 86 with traction control on? 

David Texugo says:

One question about the kickstarter
How will the early release will be made available for the backers?
Is it just temporarily available or is it permanent?

djscheppy says:

signed up to kickstarter just to back you guys. keep up the great work with
videos like these! 

Tim Cocksmouth says:

I love the classic 86 I would definitely take that over a frs

jdmsai1 says:

Making it look Too easy….

Mariano Sangollo says:

So great to see some life back in this channel !

somerandomaussie says:

i dont class the new brz as a toyota its a subaru and they really deserve
most of the credit for designing and engineering the car …

caoYB says:

where’s the vimeo link?

endera ahmedow says:

I would like to drive one of these gt86s. and you guys should start a
patreon campain, kickstarter isnt that good.

ArchOfficial says:

Really not liking these subs. Far too localized, it loses most of the

sunnyjason says:

Why are they running the newer car with ESP on?

San 4 says:

I love the AE86, it is the one i prefer but the GT86 is the one i would buy
for many reasons. The main reason is part availability, the second main
reason is that i wouldn’t cry so hard if i broke something haha.

Good Day Commander says:

Did they turn off the traction control on the 86/brz? It’s clear that the
traction/stability control warning icon kicks in from time to time, at the

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