Comparo – 2012 Toyota Fortuner vs SsangYong Rexton in India

Comparo – 2012 Toyota Fortuner vs SsangYong Rexton in India

We pit the SsangYong Rexton against the Toyota Fortuner in India.



Rati Dharkar says:

rexton looks like a santro

TheJayant911 says:

the rexton rear reminds me of the santro.

kenzo201093 says:

why? I have both in my options, but i’m not sure. Please, Explain. Thank
you, and sorry for my english, is not my foreing language.

dshiningsword says:

gud review but who gonna talk about interior, quality material…..

trueviewer20081967 says:

Ur good. Upload more such vedios.

Arup Roy Chowdhury says:

The Fortuner reminds me of a truck trying its best to be a vehicle.

miraj choksi says:

Its an offroad vehicle you expect it to be as low as a honda city?

maxthehulk says:

toyota fortuner is better and tougher than hummer h3

rajroy04 says:

SUVs are supposed to be ugly..

narayananjohn says:

guys rexton is also a v.good car of snow and muddy slippery roads and is
well know car for off roading all over the world,compared with volvo xc90
which cost 59 lacks

siddhesh khanolkar says:

Rexton is way better than fortuner

Upvan Kharbanda says:


78kalpeshgmail says:

I have both the vehicles. I’d go with the fortuner any day. Its far
smoother on mumbai’s road. Quality of plastics, knobs, feel of the Gear
stick, Everything’s better than the Rexton. Image-wise the rexton feels
like a sissy.

ashwin taware says:

it looks like more of paid comparo as he was unable to get tge complete
name of rexton.

상훈 박 says:

Ssangying is made in korea…

Ramos Obaja says:

I Think Fortuner Is Better Than Rexton

I.Made.It says:

rexton is better than fortune i think



준영 김 says:

you know what? rextonis much better at offroad

meripanty says:

Please make the tail lamps bit swankier, that will get Rexton few buyers in
India including myself.

Roy Pardede says:


cmania2000 says:

fortuner looks ugly. it is too high from the ground.

ushakant shirur says:

I dont like both SUV cars

Imanbir Mann says:

test drove REXTON.. Its much far better than fortuner…

Yung Chan Jin says:

Kia Sorento 2014 is much better than those two suvs you guys really should
have one. It’s the most perfect suv i ever drived. To tell you 5 reasons
why i like the Kia Sorento is… 1. World-best design 2. Great
power(on/offroad) 3. Plenty of convenience options 4. 5-star safety(euro
ncap) 5. 7 year warranty There’s still a lot of good things to mention but
i’ll stop here. With Kia’s advanced car mechanics, Kia provides you a
variety of valuable cars. (P.s. Kia is a Korean premium brand)

Brian Michael says:

yes, they are beasts, and not beautiful lukin. if u want beauty we say to
go for a sedan!

maxthehulk says:

that is why i love it



anon84abcd says:

ur right jayant911

Rajiv Ramaswamy says:

Very good comparison…. when can we see a fortuner vs pajero sport… I’ve
driving 2 Mitsubishis and am looking at going for the pajero sport… hope
we can see the head to head soon

narayananjohn says:

guys check new rexton its great compared to fortuner,i own fortuner took a
drive on rexton myfriends.its awesome smooth,good power punch,lit bid of
noise one more thing its v.very good on busty roads smooth stering,lot of
security.not stuck on slippery mud as my fortuner did..wondering these much
features on this price is unbelivable my hoice to go with rexton

Madhav Aggarwal says:

Fortuner,s sexy

Drvishnucnair says:

No way, Rexton is much much BETTER than Fortuner

SEAN MAN says:

I believe ssangyong is trying to show and testing their quality of the
prodcut. I checked other video from Russia in extream cold and icy road
condition. It works great 4×4. How does this car perform in extream hot
condition in India?

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