Comparo – 2012 Maruti Alto 800 vs Hyundai Eon in India



Ping Sarawut Chanitborvorn says:


상훈 박 says:

Jap crappp;)))

ranbir josan says:

eon look beeter

George Mathews says:

and i really laugh at people who talk about engine. why obsess about a
800cc engine? they are marginally better than eon

Kabriskhalis says:

Alto my first choice

regularly irregular says:

alto 800 ny time … even if it looks bad but dnt forget its a badass
engine beneath the hood!

Shreyans bhatt says:

Good for rate personla

rohitkejriwal1 says:

– awww .. really? then buy that korean crap

Jitendra Kumar says:

This engine is already proven since last ten year and Indian are the people
who know this engine most.

m.durga.abhinav mudhuchetty says:

ooohhhh thn u buy tht japanese crap

tambozambo says:

i wonder what u r gonna call a real supercar engine then!!

wizza998 says:

exactly no one who is buying either car is doing it for its
performance,they are buying for a cheap city commuter.

ananda krishnan says:

alto rockz

Jaya Singh Alex says:

Eon Rocks

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