Comparison: Toyota Innova vs Mahindra Xylo

Comparison: Toyota Innova vs Mahindra Xylo

The Car & Bike Show: The attributes that best describe the styling of Mahindra Xylo are sporty, masculine, ready for action and tough. On the other hand, Toy…



Giri Prasad says:

innova is very very highly priced just cause it has the best in class 3rd
row seats.There is absolutely no safety features ( compared to latest ones
) and regular features that u see even in a low segment car.From my
experience toyota’s maintainence is higly costly and it gets worse over the
years.Innova shoud be priced b/w 10-12 onroad but sadly they dont.Lucky
for them that it is still the show stealer

Aumar Aslam says:

xylo engine is far better and re(de)fined than innova.. plus a marginal
difference of 2.5 lacs in closest variant comparison, u cany get another
xylo with sm finance for that money… engine is more powerful and fuel
efficient than innova. plus third row seating is very very spacious in xylo
than innova

samrao6rao says:

is there any comparison between two , xylo has got same engine as scorpio
vlx mhawk which vibrates the vehicle . why you want to misguide people by
making such videos. please save the country by being HONEST.

LTF85199 says:

xylo is super ugly.. what an ugly design .. what were they thinking? why
would you call it sporty and masculine? the tail like looks like Pepsi

Rathish Smith says:

When are they going to improve on reviewing vehicles. First they learn a
lesson from BBC Top gear show and see they present it. Every one watch BBC
TOP GEAR in you tube itself and see its quality

rutvijhshukla says:

minivans are doing pretty wwell in india and people seem to enjoy the
comfort of a minivan and the people/load carrying capacity of minivans.
There aren’t man roads especiain city where a car ‘s perforamnce can be

ranjitrulz says:

innova is just BEST than that shit car

azlan mahmud says:

the Mahindra, styling sucks, it looks like it would be broken to pieces


no one can beat innova…and eventually toyota..

Dan Frederiksen says:

the appearance is probably the most important in a sale

sunmi000 says:

xylo is a shit car…

vignesh raja puli says:

ther s ddas in xylo……which shows temp fo in & out…shows kmpl& hw much
dist it can ddas it wil make an alarm sound…fr caution if the door
is open ,to wear the seat belt,tubeless tyre..ariel is in window
attached….in innova we shuld giv an fuckng pull fr tht ariel,evn toyota
is an japan company ther s no features…like this…best kmpl is
xylo….so indians shuld be proud tht indian company had made this…xylo
top speed s 145kmhr wit control…so innova suckz except style……

johnjamesbond says:

very poor comparison review, cnbc more talks on looks than technical, the
video by overdrive is much better , check that out

prayata maheswara says:

who is winner

revmecrazy says:

where is the verdict? only 50% of the video here? same thing happened with
ure last review also. if you folks can’t post the complete video, then
please don’t post it….


mahindra cant beat toyota in any field…

MegaTobee says:

yeah he is a sucks

sscaero15 says:

revmecrazy this is india man

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