Comparison – Hyundai Elite i20 Vs Maruti Swift – Autoportal

Comparison – Hyundai Elite i20 Vs Maruti Swift – Autoportal

Hyundai’s latest generation of the i20 is clearly aimed at the Maruti Swift. Hyundai wants to take the premium hatchback crown away from Maruti and the i20 c…



Abhishek Panchal says:

nice review. All points are cover. but i personally feel it can’t beat
swift in sales. Boot and interior space was always better in i 20 compare
to swift so it’s not new to people. When I speak to swift owners they are
very happy with it’s driving pleasure, millage and maintenance but I never
found any i 20 user same things rather they cry for less millage (Compare
to swift but actual millage is not bad) another thing is that people who
don’t understand the features offered by car make fun of i 20 users for
paying more money then bigger sedan car. 

Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

The i20 steering feels like a toy… like a video game; and although that
may be a big bonus for city driving, on the highways, the i20 sucks. One
would never like to revv this car more than 80kmph. The Swift feels
positively sporty, but a bit old and less spacious. While the i20 scores on
quality, equipment and comfort, the Swift scores over the i20 in terms of
ride and handling balance. Neither of these cars are upto my taste,so I
would rather wait for the Tata Bolt, which seems to be the best mix of both
worlds. (Given that the Zest is seriously great car.)
Also the Swift facelift is coming with equipment upgrades. 

pramod moudgalya says:

Elite i20 is the best….rocking the market and continues

lawry010 says:


Raghu Chitrak says:

good review .. plz make a similar comparison between i20 Elite and VW Polo.

boss roxx says:

this host is biased toward elite i20…the swift is better than i20 in
terms of handling in highway nd in d city nd has great acceleration….

stripes12345678910 says:


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