Compact Crossover Comparison: Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 —

Compact Crossover Comparison: Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 —

Which is the best compact crossover SUV for you and your family? editors Mike Magrath, James Riswick and Mark Takahashi drove the Honda CR-V, Maz…



6arO0O2a says:

u missed 2 cars , vw tiguan and hyundai santa fe

mountainhobo says:

Your review looks like your website – disjointed, in a constant state of
disrepair, and missing latest information. You need to look at these
reviewers: Alex on Autos, and Brian Cooley’s CNET on Cars. Learn. Hire
someone with personality. Then prep, prep, and prep.

Romband1919 says:

Worst no winner

Alex Foreman says:

they stabbed these vehicles to death I do not like these reviewers

TheTruthRock says:

are you guys trying to confuse the customers or you want to give
informative info? If you can’t decide, which of the cars in the past carry
over better resale value, durability, and less cost of ownership?
performance, space, and looks of these cars are pretty similar… anyway,
mazda looks the ugliest… among all ugliness. 

Bao Ngo says:

Worst car reveiw ever! The review sounded very bias, and not that

Erik Galvez says:

cx 5

Bob Crouch says:

go to used car lots- HONDA’s always cost more- for good reason!

MrTororosso1 says:

annoyed by the obnoxious tone of one with the glasses

Intrepid Voyager says:

Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Escape so much better than all 3 

BadmashFactory says:

It’s funny in the whole video they just talked about Mazda and Toyota and
very little about CRV!…What does the title say again and is it a balanced
review video?…not sure! :(

Gregory Perkins says:

Subaruuuu forester

Elvis Zhang says:

this is one of the worst car review videos i;ve watched. good try though. 

Kevin Peterson says:

I have about 600 miles on the 2014 Mazda CX-5 and I am loving every mile.
So far I have no complaints. It is note worthy to add that I also have a
2009 Subaru Forester and aside from cargo space the Mazda CX-5 takes it.

rec san agustin says:

can’t go wrong with a CX-5. I too was surprised.

Matthew H says:

I don’t like the fact Mazda has a Atkinson engine

Elinconl Costa says:

Jeep Compass 2014

Drive Wheaton says:

Want to see who takes the compact SUV crown when you compare a Honda CR-V
and a Toyota Rav-4? Watch:

Lapua Mag says:

Rav4 Camry engine and Toyota reliable.

BeastyNissan says:

lol you should not say that the cx5 has the better engine just because it
is bigger.

xplorermanx says:

Don’t like any of them. Too much electronic bells and whistles inside. I
guess that’s what sells nowadays. 

DashCam NYC says:

These are midsize crossovers. Compact Crossovers are Mitsubishi Outlander
Sport, Nissan Juke, and other similar in size.

MrOoASAoO says:

Mazda Cx5 & Subaru forester are the ones to go ..

thegoldenboy294 says:

best value: toyota

Eric Parkerson says:

Thank you for improving your output of comparison reviews! I enjoyed this
one. Please create a comparison test comparing the Acura TL vs the Audi A4.
My dad is deciding his new car so that I can have his current car (a 2004
Honda Accord LX inline-4). Referring to this video, I don’t like Toyotas
and Hondas are everywhere, so I’d go with the Mazda CX-5.

MistaDito says:

2008 rav 4 v4 4 speed

Hao Trinh says:

I bought Rav4 2013. I really enjoy driving it

randomfoo777 says:

these are family hauling/soccor-mom vehicles. get the safest vehicle….
the Subaru Forester

shelbycobra78 says:

they all look the same to me. Bubbly and unremarkable.

Justin Chang says:

Where is that one way road they’re driving on?

Aditya S. says:

Pointless video…doesn’t even tell me what I came here for

DumbDuck44 says:

Every time I think that Edmunds can’t get any worse, they manage to
surprise me. It was such a great site, and they keep ruining it update
after update, and this video is total crap.

rkhrahmani says:

I used to be a Toyota driver for years. It was not the most fun car and
didn’t have the best fit and finish. But, it used to have acceptable ride,
okay interior, and very good reliability records. About 6-7 years ago, it
started going from okay driving dynamics to boring, from okay interior to
cheap, and from good reliability to okay. I switched from RAV4 to VW Tiguan
and I am very happy about it. CR-V is for mid-age ladies and older. I can
see myself driving CX5, but not RAV4.

Brandon Friesen says:

I got a 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander. Its reliable, very roomy, good fuel
mileage, lots of features, good value, quick, makes a nice sound, and the
manual feature actually works when you want it to. It’ll actually go into
redline! I drove the Honda and Toyota and both were boring and not fun to
drive. It all came down to the Tiguan, Outlander, and Forester. Tiguan=Too
expensive Forester=Cant stand a CVT Outlander=Bit noisy at highways speeds
but everywhere else its great.

inthepeaceofthenight says:

thanks for nothing

God Lee says:

The 6speed transmission is from the Camry which start to show up in other
Toyota model.

GrandmasterBBC says:

I agree their results were emotionally unsatisfying. However, it is
probably because they are all pretty damn good cars with different
strengths and weaknesses.

korian73 says:

Yes, the passenger could not use the Navigation while the driver was
driving. That was a big negative. We drive as a couple most times and there
is no reason Nav should be locked out from Passenger input while driving.
But on the Toyota it is. So, no Toyota. That left the Mazda CX-5, which I
ended up buying. I bought one fully loaded, Grand Touring, Tech package.
It’s wonderful, does everything I wanted except for one thing. No power
liftgate – they forgot that. Otherwise, it’s the best.

Rey Perez says:

I wish they bring back the RAV4 V6 with a new 6 speed A/T , the best in his

Detmer says:

I couldn’t agree more

hilow4125 says:

you cant say that if you havent drivin it. compared to the rav4. the crv is
tons more fun. so much better handling and toss-ibility, also get better
brakes and nice elegent styling when you go loaded.

the6cow6god6 says:

what about the subaru xv crosstrek? soo underrated and such a fun crossover
to drive

Billy Sou says:

I think its the price point. The mid-level trim is $31k. I think with the 3
that was compared, they’re top trim comparisons, and they were around $30k.
I also thought that also the VW Tiguan should compared here, but also the
Ford Escape (I’ve been seeing a ton of those on the road) and the GM twin
crossovers (Chevy Equinox & GMC Terrain); however, Edmonds may view it as a
midsize 2 row SUV.

God Lee says:

Crv needa more changes but the rav4 is too low dash for me. Cx5 is good

SuperEmircan says:


jr02ray says:

Subaru Forester is better!

psychofunksoldier02 says:

No Forester?

abhinav bodas says:

Quite possibly the worst review ever. Nothing definitive, no real info,
left me with more questions than answers. Thanks much.

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