Cnet Review of 2011 Hyundai Elantra

Cnet Review of 2011 Hyundai Elantra

Cnet review of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra by Brian Cooley.



thweepz says:

@MrCivichatchback well no haha. 6 speed manual is good. 8 speeds are
automatic but those r in the cars with bigger engines like the genesis.
trust me if this car was an 8 speed auto it would NOT be moving without
losing a whole bunch of power

nismofury says:

75mph hwy gets 33mpg 62mph gets 43mpg.

GIRlovesWaffles says:

@MrCivichatchback Just what I was thinking. XD

aaaa1111157 says:

2:54 the outside temperature is 65 ْc!!

drsnowmon says:

Any car seats are uncomfortable for long rides….

John O says:

No. Just no lol.

851995STARGATE says:

a cheap trick designed by the engineers and accountants at hyundai
probably, lowers base price to make it more appealing

srodens says:

no ac optional in YEARS. Dude, you need to research some cars in the

theoblivion87 says:

@danjoe79 I got 26-29 in the city. I guess it’s how to drive, the level of
the terrain, and the basic tire/engine maintenance.

PHYSCO331 says:

@oztronix You comment on every review of this car, troll harder.

xXTheShadowVietXx says:

1:13 His face is truly “What?!”

anurag sharma says:

and ur mom is gangbanged by dogs

851995STARGATE says:

all cars can do that lol down a hill

thweepz says:

@MrCivichatchback dunno dude. like i said my friend has an elantra and i
thought it was pretty cool. but shifting seemed sloppy to me. but i didnt
actually drive it so it might feel like a great car

Henry Rieken says:

Where is this guy getting his facts & figures?! According to Hyundai’s
website, aside from the fact that it doesn’t show that A/C is optional, the
upgrade to an automatic transmission is $1000 on the GLS, not the
astronomical amount he gave us. You would think CNET would get this right.

13cherrypies says:

@Taiesean What does your mom think about her new hyundai elentra so far?
Because I’m looking for a new car and i’m doing some research first.

Phurious Jemison says:

@13cherrypies She actually loves the car,but it wasn’t something she wanted
so she’s getting something else,but overall its a really great car, i like
it myself,its just kinda too girly for me lol

Lemmlemm says:

I love my new Elantra. I’m trying really hard to come up with something I
don’t like about it, and honestly, I’ can’t think of anything. Great fuel
economy and plenty of power for my tastes.


ur mom is optional for sure

FudgeRevolution says:

@MrCivichatchback The new Civic got less sporty (drove the newer and
previous gen one in both normal and Si versions), added cheaper uglier
materials over the previous, added a gimmicky MPG guide, and yet still gets
lower MPG than the new Elantra. Also, you no longer get a sliding arm rest
and you get very little car for the price you pay. Lose lose. I loved the
late 90 and early 00 Civic si, but the new one just sucks. I would never
buy the new one. Honda’s lost its way.

thweepz says:

@MrCivichatchback well it would def save gas thats for sure. tach doesnt
have to go as high. i think because of the 8 speed, the genesis gets like
20 mpg. not bad for a V8. but dont quote me on that. yes the shifts would
be very smooth since the gears r closer together

vince nicholas says:

love that baby blue color

nismofury says:

Cost too much. Nice eco box but at that price i rather get a focus. Focus
may not get 40mpg but it has a little more oomph. Best looking eco box
though. But when it starts to cost more thatn $20k it needs to be 50 mpg or

TheLavish99 says:

Star Trek vehicle.

Chris Motz says:

Just like on the cruze if you want the 42 mpg you need an extra 4500

mdkflip says:

@danjoe79 It’s all about how you drive the car and the conditions you deal
with. In stop and go traffic you will obviously have poor fuel economy. If
you accelerate fast and stomp on the brakes the same will happen. Getting
good mileage is possible, but with what I see in everyday driving I’m not
surprised you are getting 20.

Eric says:

holy crap! 99.9?! now you make me want to try that on a downhill lol

ScorpiusRaven says:

Pricing stats are slightly off, good vid otherwise. $18,800 for the GLS
with auto and preferred equip package (bluetooth, controls, etc) Still
waiting for my dealer to find me a black one 🙂

Luis T says:

Does the Hyundai elantra have power windows n aV6 automatic or is that the
new sonata?

Phurious Jemison says:

My mom has a red one ! 🙂

bobbawon says:

@henryd1981 this was for the 2011 model year. They changed it for the 2012.
The big jump in price ($2,250) for an auto is probably because you had to
add certain features to get the auto

PHYSCO331 says:

@MrCivichatchback uh? Troll, mrcivichatchback? lol

interesting987 says:

Conclusions, inside the car is nice, has good quality of materials, but the
car is not very spacius and you need to pay extra package.

Jagdeep Singh says:

Civic is waayy better overall

Plasmamuffins says:

My friend has a 2012, which I’m getting as well. We like to play around and
see how high his mpg average can go. One time it hit 99.9mpg, but that was
going down a hill and not touching the gas at all. He does get around
45-50mpg all highway driving. It all depends on the environment, and how
you drive. You will get 20-25 if you drive like you have a racecar, which
still isn’t bad.

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