Clutched: Se2 Ep7 – Hyundai Elantra Review

Clutched: Se2 Ep7 – Hyundai Elantra Review

Would you buy a Hyundai Elantra..?? It’s the last episode before the Season Special and the Clutched Team has decided to give its verdict on this very familiar ride. What are your thoughts…



Interitous says:

Eh more leh XD I enjoy watching your videos. Maybe you guys should try
using tags to attract viewerd

FinalNitro says:

First time seeing a Singaporean car review! Why didn’t I come across this
before.. Good job btw! 

Faizal Osman says:

Good review & one of Hyundai’s great looking cars. Is this the same model
as the latest cab from Comfort? If I’m not wrong, the cab is an i40….

Chua Qiyou says:

Please do a review on the Avante! 

Ripley Lee says:

what features does the modal A have? and what does it lack out of the other

o0kioshi0o says:

Never fails to make me smile with your reviews hahaha! Please do a Civic
Type R (FD2R) soon please!!! :)

Owshua says:

Enjoyed your videos as usual! Hurry release Season 3!

MrJoyJoy819 says:

are u planning to make any more this kind of vids bro ?

Lim Weixuan says:

Nice looking car, i didnt know that the car has so many features, i like
the center console the best, stylish 

Afeeq Santos says:

could you do a review on Hyundai Avante ? thanks!

Clutched says:

So..Waddya think?

eewai says:

Nice review bro. However need to correct something in this video. That the
voice “please have a safe drive today” is coming from the front camera and
not the car itself 

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