Changing lightbulb on Hyundai i30

Changing lightbulb on Hyundai i30

Short instruction on how to change a lightbulb on a Hyundai i30. If you know how, it’s not that complicated. Music 700P3D:…



huss1205 says:

I had the Elantra 1995 and it was so easy to change the lightbulb but the
i30 I have now is very hard to deal with, the engine bay is so tight and
everything is compact and no space to do anything unless you unscrew lots
of stuff….Thanks for video!

Jeremie Torio says:

Great Vid, how long did it take you to do the change.

Looking to change both light bulbs on Friday and just wanted to get a rough
idea how much time I should put aside.

Roberto Camoletti says:

Thank-you SO much for the tutorial Frank – did the job in 15 minutes after
watching the vid after giving up trying yesterday and giving up. And
thank-you youtube for making my life complete in ways you cannot imagine.

Adam Scimone says:

Dude, thank you so much for posting this video. I may have messed up my car
if I had not watched you do it first. Please keep making videos for all of

Frédéric Cornélis says:

merci beaucoup pour l’info très bien détaillé

Thevarajan Muniandi says:

Hi Frank, thank you very much. Your guidance were very helpful. I managed
to replace the headlight bulb (low) for my i30. 

justanything3456 says:

Thanks for the video! I had no idea to start with. BUT– To get to the
passenger side light, late MY13 FD now has 5 screws near the #1 @33sec.
screw 2 doesn’t exist. I think removing all 5 were needed, just the nearest
one wasn’t enough. Driver’s side was the same (and easy enough)

Byrd232 says:

Thank you sooo much for this video, my girlfriend and I already wasted too
much money on this issue! Now, this will stop, thanks to you!

Peter Lay says:

Thank you, excellent instructions, saved me £££’s

Stephanie Smith says:

Thanks a lot for this video! So glad I was able to do it myself rather than
making the embarrassing trek to the mechanic for a headlight!

Mohammed01983 says:

Danke, hat mit geholfen dein video.

Laurie Dacy says:

Thanks. Made it all possible and saved A$65 for Hyundai dealer charge.
Strangely, when I bench tested the ‘dead’ globe it was working perfectly.
Something must be endemically wrong with the i30 connection setup. (It’s a
diesel, which should be irrelevant.)

Neil H says:

Thank you very much – all sorted!

Jayphen Simpson says:

Thanks for this. On the right side I took the battery out as well as
pulling the light casing out a bit (I was scared to damage it) and was able
to reach behind to replace the bulbs. On the left side I managed to take
the entire lights out by following your directions but also unplugging the
electrical cable on the right side. 

hotcoldman777 says:

Thx man ! Just saved money I otherwise needed for the hyundai shop !

Colleen Hickey says:

Great Vid. Saved me a lot of time.
BTW its OK for a mechanic to wear nail polish.

hotcoldman777 says:

Thx man ! Just saved money I otherwise needed for the hyundai shop !

Amy Johnston says:

Thanks for the great vid. Im going to give this a go tomorrow! My brother
thinks I cant do it… hehe lets see! 

daniel pickin says:

Good vid as i just did the job too but think quicker too just take the
batter out

Michael Jezewski says:

Excellent stuff ! Looks like the car has been designed for people with
small hands.

JoEKaffE says:

Thank you. Helped me a lot :-)

Jefitus says:

Nice video, thanks.

Chris Adams says:

Great News.
Hyundai have issued a vehicle recall to fix the light bulb problem on the
i30. They finally realised there was a problem!
Also under re-call, drivers door cable. I do not know if this applies to
non UK vehicles though.

Golonexx says:

Thanks man for this toturial 🙂 

stephen beck says:

cheers mate saved me a few quid.

John Lysaght says:

Frank, sorry I can only give you one “like” for this (wish they let me give
you ten!). Really helped me & my daughter to change her headlamp. Easy
when you know how!

I got the unit off with a bot of patience. When putting it back, I found
it handy to take off the two wires which restrained the movement of the
unit. One is a connector (plug & socket, no problem getting it back on),
the other just slots into the body of the lamp for mechanical positioning –
I wasn’t watching closely, and it took me a while to figure out where the
second one went.

Bent Schierff says:

Perfect – thanks for this video! I just gave up 5 minutes ago, thinking
that i had to pay the Hyundai dealer to perform the operation. Now i will
give it another go :)

Ray Gibbs says:

Thanks for the video…great help. Very fiddly to wiggle out the N/S
headlight but if did it again it would be a lot quicker. 

Chris Adams says:

I am sick with changing the headlight bulbs on my i30, they seem to blow
every couple of months. My garage said take out the whole headlamp as in
the video but mind you do not damage the paintwork. Tried it and failed.
Easiest way…………….remove coolant tank on drivers side, it`s a
Passenger side, just whip the battery out and you have all the room you
Only downside is that you have to retune your radio and clock, but at least
you do that in the warmth of your car.
Because it is so regular I keep the necessary tools together and carry
spare bulbs.
HYUNDAI pay attention…………… have a problem here!

Mark Westerman says:

Thank you sir, you’re a gent!

kwas101 says:

Maybe I have fat hands or something, but I still couldn’t “get to it”, so
after some gentle encouragement (!!) I was able to pull the whole headlight
unit out. There is an electrical cable which unclips quite easily next to
the “third bolt” and then you can work on the headlight unit on your bench
with a light shining right on it – good for the blind like me! Thanks once
again for this video :-)

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BorderlanderBE says:
ninjawithsword says:

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