CBT.COM.MY – Toyota Fortuner TRD

CBT.COM.MY – Toyota Fortuner TRD

Azdee Amir reviews the details of the all new Toyota Fortuner with TRD Body Kit.



ram0722 says:

for me, those senseless vinyls ruined the car’s appearance..

YouTubeYouTube says:

LC has nothing 2 do with fortuner !

greatunizuka says:

yah i hope i can have one in my return in the philippine i think money for
value and 7 seater.please confirm me that the rear brakes are drums??

outie357 says:

100hp 2.5 turbocharged!!! god that thing is slow!! Go buy a 95 pajero 2.5
turbo intercooler instead that produces 123hp

YouTubeYouTube says:

still prefer mitsubishi

burn777 says:

@hafizmslm i’d love to hear you speak malaysian language… i bet you’re
thinking why would you want to learn malaysian? same reason why he should
not learn english accent.. find your logic. 🙂

greatunizuka says:

come on dont tell me its better than the land cruiser or range rover

hafizmslm says:

Fuck u dumb ass! speak good english. Its alright to have an accent BUT the
least he could have done is speak proper english – correct grammar. Go ask
Hishammudin..don’t ask me fucker

saweera nbu says:

COmpare 2.5 diesel with turbo and 2.7 petrol, which one is better in

YouTubeYouTube says:

good car but not da interior

Bretagne476 says:

what you thik about this type of car anyone………????

Blitz4000 says:

That is because you haven’t driven a Land cruiser yet. If you can afford
one give it a try.

LakanDemonio says:

Good and honest review

Moss Ratanakarl says:

do they have 3.0 VN turbo D4D in Malaysia ? cuz in Thailand 3.0 is much
more popular ;D

zenx6 says:

what’s wrong with having Malaysian-English accent? he is a Malaysian, why
he need to imitate some other people accent? and this is a video about
car… no need to post unrelated-negative comments…its not even

Jay Patel says:

Its a real Tall Boy

chrishaigh82 says:

this fellow is the first car industry worker that gives an honest review of
the cars he is selling… This is crap…. this is good. best fellow in the
world. when I bought my merc the salesman said…. if you want cup holders
buy an american car… this guy is just as honest

ntahapapa01 says:

@zenx6 this guy should use Manglish. He will sound more Malaysian. lol.

YouTubeYouTube says:


JUANCHO1713 says:

ehh jajahh..the land cruiser itsss a land cruiser!! Its a 4×4 designed for
that (4×4) but its not a comfortable car thats another thing this is a
really 4×4 and my fortuner its the combination of 4×4 whit a comfortable
city car an for that its better than thisjajah.. and the range rover ohh
man thats different jajah i agree its better than the fortuner its a
beautifull 4×4 comfortable but more expensive!! I like this range rover!

JUANCHO1713 says:

i have toyo forunter 2008 v6 4.0 and it’s the bessssttt 4×4!!

hafizmslm says:

this guy’s accent is so funny. god bless his grammar. a product of
malaysian education. fucked up malay shit

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