Carpool Special: Toyota Auris Hybrid review by Robert Llewellyn

Carpool Special: Toyota Auris Hybrid review by Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn, host of the in-car TV chat show Carpool, takes the wheel of Toyota’s newest low emission car, the Auris Hybrid. To find out more about the …



Niggolaars says:

the consumption is about 3,7 l/100km.

Dave K says:

Toyota could do with teaming up with the makers of London taxis to produce
hybrid taxis although they’ll probably have diesel engines. However that
will all help with the pollution problems in london.

Con Heywood says:

I drove one – very impressed. Takes a bit of getting used to not having
engine noise all the time for example in a queue of traffic. The
transmission is so nice it gives seemless gear changes – a genuine pleasure
to drive. If I had the money I would consider buying one without a doubt.

Gerd Bremer says:

Is 3,74 litres per 100 km the same as 76 mpg? I read about 5,69 litres (50
mpg) average consumption from 37 drivers on a german website
( What is your overall average consumption?

Gerd Bremer says:

I just found a 5000 £ cheaper car with 83 mpg, 89 gr/km CO₂ and more boot
space, the Škoda Fabia Estate greenline (numbers taken from Average fuel consumption from 79 drivers at is 4,72 litres (60 mpg).

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