Car Tech 2010 Kia Forte SX review

Car Tech 2010 Kia Forte SX review

A Kia that doesn’t scream “Hyundai’s ugly cousin”.



Ned D says:

@KatiushaVN4 plenty of American made cars have start/stop engine button.
You don’t buy KIA for button option. KIA is cheap with and without button.

harry gats says:

@B13SR hey its faster than your civic… you can eat my dust

ironintel says:

@mrtomdabomb40 piece of shit korean cars

aftermathsample305 says:

you mean description… but yea i think you made the point…

techdude6693 says:

@alriha77 Well to be fair on his part, the show is called “Car Tech”. Its
always been more focused on this kind of thing.

gunzkevin says:

I agree, people do the same thing for ford. I just say ford because ford is
the most reliable out of the big 3 according to tests. But yea i agree,
hyundai and kia are starting to get good cars, mainly the new ones are good
but all the old ones are pretty bad imo. But yea the new ones are good.

kompleti says:

kia means trashh car

Mitsy1212 says:

@richardxs I rented a Forte this past summer & was very impressed w/how it
handled & it also had a lot of get up & go for a smaller car. I’m actually
considering buying a used one next year if I can get a good deal on one.
Now, I also drove a Rio as a rental and hated it, so comparison between the
two is pointless. The Rio was a bare bone vehicle and did not seem to be
made well; very cheap, but the Forte was as nice as some more expensive
models (Toyota, Honda, etc.)

adrian trinidad says:

The car audio in this car is amazing. One of the best ive ever heard for
these kind of cara.

Ivan Dobrichkov says:

fwd 🙁

salleh sheikh ibrahim says:

who needs mp3 player when u can use usb to play mp3? forte came with 6
cd changer..the US version only have single slot cd? pity

Jakeyy132 says:

@AlumarsX not hahahah

flipfloplogic says:

I have a red koup SX and get tons of compliments.

tigerbalm says:

@mrtomdabomb40 Umm, as good as “american”? I don’t think you meant that!
American cars fall apart after a few years. My family always bought Fords
(cheap), but they always had problems before 100k. Fords are so ugly i.e.
focus (except the RS). I’d buy a Kia before any american, Honda, Toyota.
The optima is so much better looking than the competition (for the money).

Heem24100 says:

i only drive vw/audi and i was wondering why i like kia lol

rva80 says:

@thatkoreandude The Koupe is more expensive for sure but it is more a
sporty car and obviously is faster that the forte four doors (the koupe has
two doors) …If you want to impress go for Koupe…in fact I want to go
for that car in a future (two more years with my forte and then I will go
for the koupe)

James Ham says:

Oh hey look…it’s a Honda Civic! *rolls eyes

KatiushaVN4 says:

@richarddxs: Koup or Sedan?? 21,000 USD is considered expensive for a KIA
in U.S.A

Theparksideshow says:

wow do they get people to make review for theses cars he is a dick.

Slimecrazy234 says:

@NorthernFirehawk This is a “Car Tech” review, he being from Cnet and doing
a “Car Tech” review is mainly concerned with the tech.

benjaminlately says:

If you like or own this car you should goolge “kia forte club”

b0utch says:

@B13SR get use to see the back of this car man you aint done with it

Jeffy C says:

Dont forget that this is a 2010 model..

Kev Cheng says:

looking totally badass without blowing the budget.

Mesut Ozturk says:

more like an audio and ipod test which is very essential when you need to
go from one place to another. too bad for kia not to teleport us through
audio system.

koolmaaan says:

@NorthernFirehawk if you like to lean your seat back or are very tall then
it might be a bit cramped, but like i said Im six feet plus and passengers
in the back have plenty of room. I didnt like the way the lxf or ex handled
or drove, but the sx has got some power (173 hp)… car has some get up,
and power, for such a small car. feels like a beefy sports car would feel
if if were half as powerful, but I mean that in the best sense. gas mileage
very good too

caliboyrob says:

if you like the elantra than you’ll like this

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