BMW M4 vs Toyota Tacoma Snow Tow

BMW M4 vs Toyota Tacoma Snow Tow

Which has more towing creds in the snow, a 4WD Toyota Tacoma or a RWD BMW M4? Only one way to find out for sure. Find me on Facebook here Find me on …



phototristan says:

I’m convinced your Bimmer is leased. If you didn’t plan on just turning it
in in a couple of years you likely would not do these things to the car. 

Nick Murray says:

Answering a question no one asked..

Andrew M says:

Where that ownership review at!!?!!??!!?!

A.T.1357 says:

I don’t have a sister and I’m still a subscriber. If that’s not commitment,
I don’t know what is. 

Red Cuffs says:

Nick, limestone works a lot better than salt when dealing with bodies.
Serious question mode, what/who is the overlaying music in the video? And
an idea for the next video is to see just how far up a helicopter can take
your M4. Now, that would be neat.

limtd slipdf says:

Absolutely stupid. Stupid camera angle. Stupid contest. And why
backwards??? … Rather do an acceleration challenge between those two in
proper snowy roads. 

Mathew Pilon says:

So sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m not 100% sure how it works so
I though I’d ask. So a diff is what lets each tire have a different amount
of power right? I can see how that makes sense going around a corner
because the outsides travelling further but obviously that’s not the case
here. My assumption for this case is that if one tire has more traction
than the other it’s going to get more power?

S. Ford Lonchar says:

Try the drag in first gear 🙂 Downhill, better tyres, equipment on bmw, and
still no match :)

My Stoner Mind says:

Not sure what’s whiter, that snow or your teeth.
Also, you dress like the type of person I’d expect to drive an M4.
Congratulations on fitting the profile.
Oh btw, how’s your iPhone? I bet it sounds great on your Bose home
entertainment system.

classic says:

الله لايبلانا ي التويوتا دفع رباعي مزري يسحب دفع خلفي لو انه باترول كان سحب
والدينها او رابتر

NewEra0G says:

Nice vid, what kind of recording equipment was used? Dash cams in

Charles Austin says:

Why did you do it in reverse bruh? shouldn’t you be facing away from each
other and going in drive namsayn

fps_evan says:

Considering neither vehicle had traction, a totally pointless test.

mntbighker says:

You lost me at the EC135 flyover. All the blood rushed to my nether
regions. Our local PD here fly the EC135 and I went on a ride along a while
back for 2 hours where we orbited a neighborhood robbery and spotted the
perps. It was awesome. Any guy that flies heli’s could date my sister. If I
had a sister that is. BTW, the PD’s previous heli was the MD500 NOTAR that
killed the whole maintenance crew when it crashed in a test flight after a
repair. Bummer, I actually like the MD500, but it’s CRAMPED compared to the

Roger Frigola says:

Great videos Nick! Just a technical comment: I think that a bit more
exposure on those outdoors shots would help in getting better colours.
Possibly the auto exposure is overwhelmed by so much white and tries to
make it look grey.

Qiuyuan Chen says:

The M4 despite only rear wheel drive but in this case it is FWD which make
some advantages plus its gravity points is lower and that aids the pulling
downward instead of lifting and pulling upward.

Tomskii5 says:

M4 holds up pretty well considering it’s RWD and has lots of power :P

yco67 says:

it was interesting to watch and seeing one of the weirdest M4 owner.. he
would be more suitable with pontiac aztek i guess..

Vane Ajta says:

Impressed from the BEAMER! But if the truck was a diesel the M4 wouldn’t
stand a chance. Still, great job from that M4.

Romero Lins says:

I was a subscriber (and liked your videos), but after this one… Total
disaster, acting like a 14 yrs old boy. You should have more respect for
your car. You do not deserve a car like a m4.

Adam Hudson says:

Fuck I hate that accent, speak normal, will make you at least seem

MrandMrsHayday says:

Great video. Loved the little comedy moment(s), really takes the edge off
and makes the whole thing feel more enjoyable to watch. – Hope you found a
nice spot in a snow bank to leave her?

buhi bug says:

The fact that it took so long is in itself a win for the M4. Didn’t see
that coming. That’s a fun thing to do on a lunch break. You IT guys are so
much more creative. We usually just eat on our lunch breaks :)) 

TDUsafiro says:

How did you get rid of the body?

Didier Desmyter says:

My sister is already married. :-)

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