Big Test: Hyundai Genesis Coupe vs Toyota 86

Big Test: Hyundai Genesis Coupe vs Toyota 86

Our motorsports editor Mikko David compares the two hottest new cars in the market right now.



Luis Lujan says:

I test drove the genesis before buying my GT86 and the Genesis did have
more power but the body roll was pretty terrible it felt like a v6 mustang,
and the front bumper and the fake vents on the hood are too tacky for my
taste so I went with the GT86. If I could choose again I would still pick
the GT86. Plus… toyota has a better reputation than any korean car

Mark Daniel says:

the design of toyota 86 is made of toyota but the engine is made by Subaru

Allen TKO says:

Toyota 86:
1. DULL front and rear end, it looks REALLY BORING!
2. It comes with exaggerated Spoilers which doesn’t FIT
3. It is NOT a True sports car anybody who claims its a sports car, google
4. Interior consist of CHEAP plastics. its not even presentable. Public
utility vehicle quality.
6. who cares about handling i DONT race!

TooManyChoices1 says:

Umm Sports cars only have two seats…

Bo S says:

It would be proper if these two be called performance cars rather than
sports cars…ahahaha..LMAO!!!…whinners…after all local reviews are not
really that reliable…they lack what you call REAL HONESTY…maybe they
dont wanna hurt any car manufacturers ego…sorry guys…

Paul Janssen de Guzman says:


LOLreplayPH says:

Do you know that Toyota 86 is the CAR OF THE YEAR of 2012 ?

IrrepressibleGuile Mr Irrepressible says:

phillipino accent sounds very welcoming and friendly

richard cero says:

the speedometer of toyota 86 is not a functional

jW Arenos says:

Agree…the toyota 86 is a GT car or a grand tourer sports coupe….

richard cero says:

ano ba yan

Amarcharger says:

Why Compromise.! The 2013 Mustang V6 anyday over both of these. Its made to
make you smile from ground up. And the heritage of its existence makes one
wanna own one. Not to mention its 31MPG.

RichardLaz says:

2:01 typical sports car driver eating into the opposite lane in Sierra
Madre, even when there was a motorcycle! No respect for the safety of the
motorcyclists! Gahhh!

Thanatos Anima says:

86 has a 500ml bottle of water for the gear.

Never Ever Fail says:

wait does genesis have 3.5cc engine answer.

MrCouchkamote says:

locally produced reviews like these has a long way to go. very bad video
and sound quality, comments are a bit lacking, but i have to give it to the
guy driving, he has something to say. although, it was still missing
something. videos of the car along the road are just horrible. i could
drive my everest faster than that!

hybridman says:

you sure it wasnt the latex brand I used on them?


I didnt say that they are sports car. I just said FRS/BRZ didnt meant to be

lizardgreen2121 says:

The Toyota looks like a little boys cheap toy car

Renard Reich says:

rexona. 🙂

jeff rosenberg says:

go fck youself. Race me sometime in your ppl mover and we will see about
how shtty it is.

TerryFilming says:

The BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 are not sport cars. They really are not. With
barely 200hp, they are weak and cumbersome.

Roberto Perez says:

LOL why choose an unreliable car from Detroit get a much faster and nimble
Genesis coupe V6 350hp which by the way raped the current Mustang V6.
Insideline comparo watch.

megapunk777 says:

some genesis have a badges that looks close to the bentley 😛

hybridman says:

dash looks waaaay better than scion. thats obvious. many reveiwers have
commented on the cheap looking dash of scion.

johnniro almarez says:

kahit anu pa kotse nyo ordinary or sportscar pag nasa EDSA na yan
pareparehas lang ang bilis pag trapik 🙂

Rudy Santiago says:

the gauge of 86 is like from GTR35… i like 86 =)

nikooliver1 says:


AgentZero1728 says:

toyota 86 is not a true sports car -spoon Ichishima Tatsuru


I wanna see what Hyundai gonna do for 2014-2015 genesis coupe

Niño Jose Garin says:

Funny to keep hearing super car for the 86. Just in case you guys don’t
really know what a super car is watch the world’s greatest drag race 2

Jeremiah Haimerej says:

i will neva drive one of these im allergic to it

Jesus S says:

BRZ/FR-S/GT86 are sports cars. The gen coupe is just a GT car not a sports

hybridman says:

cheap looking interior? you got it backwards bud thats the scion/toyota
that takes the cake on that. Take a look at a genesis RSpec interior with
its red seats. Ive got nothing but complements from strangers.

Carlos Rene Rivera says:

Oh man… seriously you guys say that Genesis is better than Toyota 86, FRS
or BRZ? The quality, engineering and design of the 86 is a state of art.
The Genesis is a heavy cow, got no balance, bad handling, the technology is
a garbage and The power? Some aftermarket parts solve that problem (less
than 2k dollars) The 86 is a true sport car.

reaj2010 says:

I’m sorry but you literally get half the car with the 86 . The genesis
interior exterior power is far superior. If you want a gokart get a
86-brz-frs . But then again a tiny car is good in the Phil’s for the tight
city roads.

TerryFilming says:

Definition of ‘sports car’: A low-built car designed for performance at
high speeds. Meaning, the BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 are not sports cars, whereas
the Genesis Coupe is.

aikerz87 says:

go for 86. Genesis has crappy interior and exterior and resale value is

koleman eror says:

alright its a fancy car

Fareed Mindalano says:

I’d pick Toyota over Hyundai all day long…. Don’t get me wrong guys…
Subok na ang toyota.. Alam nyo yan.. ^_^

adamY2K says:

Two different cars for two sorts of buyers. The genesis is the more cruiser
relaxed one wheras the GT86 is alot more balanced and focused. The Genesis
has a very cheap looking messy interior with those three central dials on
the dash for what it is though

Vernon Lai says:

The bad handling in the genesis is better for drifting

Jeremiah Haimerej says:

my fridge has more torque

nikooliver1 says:

its a why ders a brz & frs from ae86 legend?

ninjapandafishify says:

what is your car, exactly? I mean, in order for you to say those rubbish
comments about the genesis, you must’ve raced with it perhaps? fyi: The
genesis was built to be an “affordable” sports car. p.s. my aircon has more
hp than your fridge. :p

nikooliver1 says:


Kevin Presnillo says:


jimmie says:

genesis of course

Patrick Patricio says:

pero mas maganda quality ng toyota at unique!! from ae86 to gt86 legend (Y)

albeeen987 says:

either way, both of them are good. i prefer the genesis though. The 86s
back seat lacks leg room. but, listen to the sound of the stock engine of
the 86! okay, im torn between the two.

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