Best small cars – Ford Fiesta vs VW Polo vs Kia Rio – CarBuyer

Best small cars – Ford Fiesta vs VW Polo vs Kia Rio – CarBuyer

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Aaron Fernando says:

i dont blame you for “flirting” matt shes smoking hot

Chrstian mrclep says:


Baby says:

Ooh chemistry!

Franz K says:

Brit Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, and VW Polo are the ones I’d want to compare
too…and the Kia won..and I suspect it of being related to the i20 World
Rally Car which competes with the Fiesta and Polo too

Marlon Frijters says:

i really liked this review.. and you gotta love Matt and the girl.. She’s

Tuppoo94 says:

Where’s the Skoda Citigo?

robertomasymas says:

90mpg? 85mpg for the ford? what are they talking about?

eXactiveQ says:

why didnt take golf instead of polo ?

ZombiesLogic says:

Pffff German Engineering stomps Korean made shit

anaconda118 says:

what fucking lying bastards,conning 100’s of thousands of innocent
people.What could be more important than RELIABILTY? An EMPTY Wallet? And
why is there no JAPANESE Car in the test? Are the Racists scared it will

Peter Sims says:

I have driven all three (when my gf was looking at a Polo). She
coincidentally didn’t get any of them as went for a medium sized car in the
The 1.4L Kia had bad blind spots and with AC on was a slug. Too much
The Fiesta was fun to drive, my gf doesn’t like the way it looked (I liked
the pre-facelift). Went OK as a 1.6L also. Dash too complex, awesome sound
The Polo felt more refined and had better build quality but the 1.2 TSI
engines have a very high failure rate compared to the other two. Personally
I like its looks but the reliability would stop me buying. 

Jan Aike says:

The Polo is way better and it looks better than these ugly crappy

DAN H says:

i’m getting my ford fiesta zetec on thursday 6 Feb !!! can’t wait

Дорджи Кичиков says:

clio 208?

Moutassem Dayea says:

Omg a girl that can drive a stick shift
Btw are they british ?

Neil Musgrave says:

00:16 thrum, from her. And again at the end from him. Something going on
here!!! (if you don’t know what ‘thrum’ means google. NSFW.

MrDeanooo says:

i think u 2 should get a room lol Great review as always!

Wojtek456890 says:

Fiat Punto should have been involved in this test. 

Abraham Hernandez says:

She wants the D

Lexus ISF says:

Where’s the yaris?

PerpetualTiredness says:

Having both presenters together worked great, why not always do this?

rssdmp6 says:

KIA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? please don’t compare 

tokekkk says:

The camera works and editing are horrible in this video…:'(

Takuat13 says:

VW POLO is the best!!!! But where is BMW 1 series?

97pedrocas says:

what about the smart fortwo?

Domagoj Kovačić says:

Rebecca (cute girl btw) was impressed with Matt, but anyway, one of the
better reviews from CB. And yes, Fiesta is probably the best car here, but
interior space and quality is dealbreaker for some ppl

qmam says:

Because of CarBuyer I made a decision and ordered the Ford Fiesta 1.0
ecoboost a week ago, now I am waiting to pick up the car and I can’t wait.
Thanks Matt and Rebecca for your professional and entertaining reviews. 

Samuel Gregorson says:

Flirting are we Matt?

Tom Riddle says:

You know..if those Top Gear blokes retire soon (because they are old now),
these 2 and Chris Harris would be great to continue the show….

AwsomeFan2010 says:

Mat and Rebecca suit each other

Richard Hawkins says:

I want to buy British, I’d like to see more comparisons as well. Some
choice on which is the best British cars in different classes would be good.

Britain doesn’t make a car to the spec that I want, basically, they don’t
make a Golf Estate! Can anyone recommend a car that is made in Britain with
of that kind of spec. Good motorway low noise, comfortable driving,
economic yet powerful enough engine and good boot size. I have looked at
the Nissan Note and Qashqui (Both British made) What else is worth looking

Arturo Reyes says:

i was just waiting to see James May in the Panda

heZitator says:

fiesta is the best.
at least considering all the features and not tiresome design.
hope I’ll buy someday fiesta ecoboost 100hp, if there are wont anything
else descent. btw the best color for fiesta in white. looks more massive
and relief.

Maky M says:

They have appeared in a video together!.
The world implodes in 3…2…

Сергей Хренасдва says:

LADA KALINA the best car!

LZSchneider says:

BTW Carbuyer, please do another one of these comparisons! This was both
informative and highly entertaining :)

John Bernard says:

You guys make a great team…. you should do more reviews together…. :)

Chrissy Johnson says:

Buy british…support this country….we need the work

hydroruf says:

I looked at all three and ended up buying the honda jazz.

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