Dmitry Sti says:

Toyota Supra охуенна.ауди дерьмище как и вся остальная немчура.

GTR VspecII Nur says:

turbo lag giving false hope ahahaha

Klutch says:

Deutsch Qualitat
Audi : Vorsprung durch Technik (advance by technology)

Scarill says:

can someone translate the beginning?

Luke Hepplewhite says:

Nothing funnier than watching him get excited and then his dreams
simply…. Flew away :D

Aneuryzm says:

That was pretty funny haha. 

Mario Parra says:

I think they said yes yes yes NO NO NO NO WTF hahaha

taner bozkurt says:

hahahahaha supra winner 

iCrazyPro says:

Didn’t have a chance against a supra. 

kooke777 says:

оператор красавчик!!!

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques says:

Чел,который фотографировал угарный :D

genius PJ says:

Powered by japan .”TOYOTA”

Den R line says:

“Ебанная Рс6 ни едет нихуя блять”. Пацан морит!!!

rob lub says:

lol turbo lag and then it kicks in and its over

turbisios says:

where is the key of audi?

Afonso Crespo says:

Supra é um monstro! Audi tomou um pau kkkkkkkkk

canoski123 canoski123 says:

otomatik vitesle drag yarışı yapıo amk malı

James Roquemore says:

Not sure what was said, but I laughed.

PyroDavidSVK 123 says:

Toyota supra je šrot RS6 je lepšie 🙂 

WilliamsMartini Fan says:

wie die abgehen ! 😀 genial !!! 

Ciobata says:

fucking russians…

NV AzeN says:

Чо всосал на своем говноавтомате и помойке из салона? :)

kevkev cook says:

salut j’ai payé une blinde pour une audi et elle avance à rien !
2jz y’a que ça de vrai bordel !

Unf0rg1v3n360 says:

auto lol… pwnd 

hellaflush49 says:

BlabalalasjsjsjskakaalKzkskakakaajaj as!was bbbalalkakksns!!!!

ScienceEtVerite says:

wher is the dashcam in the supra

Rasim Kas says:

kommentator ahuitelniy )))

mrtaco says:


grigoris pathoulakis says:

Hahahahahaha Audi vs Supra! 😛 go home Audi ;)

royalclub148 says:


Markus Alanen says:

gotta love that so serius race and when the supra just run away becouse the
lag the smile was priceless!

Kevin Chan says:

The Audi driver knew he didn’t stand a chance at beating the supra, good
try though.

Alex R. says:

straight 6 + BIG Turbo ….. & nothing else matteeeers))

Валерий Ткач says:

супра есть супра ! ) пассажир ржачный)))

MsDrecko says:

supra fuck u all <3

awsd55 says:

audi nie ma szans ;)

TapouT Muscle Recovery says:

Dumbest video ever 

ToxicPlayer says:

2:59 traductor (how the fuck is even that possible) XD

Kevin Chen says:

OOOO 0000 ….

exbunny2 says:

Supra is like: Hah, gayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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