ARB Toyota LandCruiser 76

ARB Toyota LandCruiser 76

Watch the ARB equipped Toyota LandCruiser 76 Series in action on the beach at beautiful Moreton Island. To view a full range of accessories available for the…



William Ross says:

Is that a Kaymar rear bar? 

Fab Ant says:

Perfection on wheels. The first one I’ve ever seen where the arse end
isn’t sagging. Warm it up…I’m on my way.

Ben King says:

Gotta love a kitted out 76 Series

WIlson Ng says:

Sweet. I want one too.

Jigme Tobgay says:

Simply the best…

Taylor Davies says:

we can drive these in QLD now yeewwww

Сергей Фёдоров says:

best car

FreeDivinDR says:

now hook one of them gopro cameras to the fender flare rails so you can
watch the tires plow over obstacles while flexing and still yet see the
beautiful terrain and trail. i would move mine from being mounted on my
bull bar if i had fender flare armor – get a better view

Donald Stokes says:

Thanks mate.

777fuzzypeach says:

Australians are so lucky to have access to these. Here in the “free” USA,
we can’t. And the superb ARB accessories only make it better.

ARB4WD says:

Hi Brades, sorry to hear you’ve been misinformed. We do actually make a
full length steel Touring Rack for the 76. The part number is 3800200.
You’ll also need the fitting kit – PN 3700100.

Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris says:


Jean Michel Duval says:

because they would cost 95k and nobody would buy them

ARB4WD says:

Hi there, it’s been painted to match the standard Millennium Grey powder
coat colour. The paint code is KH2 Grey which is a Nissan colour we believe.

Bradesss says:

I have this exact model and looking to put on that ARB Touring Rack, called
ARB today and they don’t make one specifically for the 76? ARB Steel
Touring Full length roof rack… only made for the troopie? Which one is
currently on this 76? Cheers

DontGetBoard says:

Why can’t these be introduced to America 🙁

Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris says:

my dream car. one day, i hope they’ll still continue making it, I’ll get a
brand new one.

Bradesss says:

I’ve got a 2010 GXL cruiser and looking to upgrade the suspension; I love
the look of this truck, is this just the standard OME 2″ lift? Which are on
this truck? Thanks

ARB4WD says:

Hi 5teller, we don’t have an ARB rear bar for the 76 but we do distribute a
range of Kaymar rear bars, as shown in the video.

mignomix says:

troppo bella la 76

mangiCHUAVE4Life says:

if only this car had large hangkook dynapro mt tyres on allied tomahawk
rims, omg this car would be a sexxy beast!!

mustang67dk says:

what brand is the cb antenna and where to but?

ARB4WD says:

Hi Mustang, it’ll be a GME antenna. Contact your nearest store for full
details, there are quite a few options available.

Julio Arauz says:

Have a question Which brand of tire is best? Cooper discovery or Bf
goodrich all terrain

ARB4WD says:

Hi Donald, that vehicle lives at our Nundah store in Brisbane. If you give
the team there a call, they’ll be able to let you know.

Cocodrilo97XD says:

deberían exportarlos a todo el mundo como esta en el vídeo por que para mi
se ve mejor son tan suertudos de tener carros como esos son unos excelentes

perviz salehov says:

very nice car

BENY247365 says:

Love the 70 series Landcruisers, they look awesome. It’s a damn shame i’m
on p plates and ain’t aloud to drive these vehicles

fkjsdud says:


Mike Gascoigne says:

I wish Toyota sold the 70 series in the UK. I’d love a 76, just like a
larger version of my Jeep XJ. Plus, with LandRover dropping the Defender
line over here, the 70 series ute’s would have the market to themselves.
The agriculture and utility markets are crying out for a Defender

ARB4WD says:

Hi Brades, that vehicle lives at our Nundah store in Brisbane. If you give
the team there a call, they’ll be able to let you know.

ARB4WD says:

Hi OzClawhammer, definitely had an OME lift. Not too sure about the rims on
this particular vehicle.

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