Anthony Davidson reviews the Toyota Auris Hybrid

Anthony Davidson reviews the Toyota Auris Hybrid

Anthony Davidson, driver of the Toyota TS030 hybrid endurance racer, takes the new Auris Hybrid out for a spin. For the latest Toyota news, visit http://blog…



Rapscallion2009 says:

To be honest. I like the car, but i’d like a bit more power. 134bhp and
0-60 in nearly 12 seconds is pretty poor performance in today’s market.

I’ve just changed my company car and I test drove a CT200 (an Auris in a
smart suit.. oh, yes it is!). It was nice when standing still or jogging
along in traffic, but the moment you tried to make it shift the engine
screamed and the car made a hell of a lot of fuss about not going very

I’ve always liked Toyotas. I like the Prius and the Auris, but not enough
to buy one.

Fedotdotdot says:

That’s not a review, he works for toyota

joanne61 says:

great presentation great driver,f1’s loss!!

Reinaldo Cordero says:

Awesome Anthony!!!

Andrew Johnston says:

I always liked Anthony Davidson, and felt he never got the chance in F1 he
deserved. He’s a really likable chap and he has speed, he should have been
in the 2009 Brawn! Nice review.

christm3 says:

Develop leading hybrid cars yet only manage to upload in 480p to YouTube…
Come on Toyota!

Reinaldo Cordero says:

I have a Camry Hybrid 2007 Japan Mfg! Love it!!!

Mattias Stahre says:

It sad that he gets paid to say it all though. Would have been nice to hear
some negative things as well…

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