All New Hyundai i20 Elite Launch Review India 2014

All New Hyundai i20 Elite Launch Review India 2014

Presenter: Karanjot Special Thanks: Charisma Hyundai All New Hyundai Elite i20 CRDi Diesel and Petrol engine reviews and specifications of its features. Hyun…



Kabriskhalis says:

Bakwas , interiors now it looks much pathetic than before, to just make
sportier from outside ,Hyundai has spoiled whole interior looks so cheap
simple and basic just like sitting in box

Vipul Sharma says:

Very descriptive.

Abhishek Roy Choudhury says:

Har cheez stylish hai madam ke hisaab se.. lolz..!! and yes, i agree..
interiors suck. Dual tone just sucks.. they should have offered all black
as a variant at least.

Rioz Sayed says:

she fired….. car&bike should be ads agressive

sudheesh Kumar s says:

the car is nice.. bt the reviewer is bad

shubham goyal says:

its better to buy punto or swift instead of this pathetic model

Mrigendra Chauhan says:

Yeh car hai
Yeh tyre hai
Yeh light hai
Yeh boot hai..
Yeh kaise reviewer hai…


kolundaki tüyleri alacağın kadar biraz da kaşlarını alsaydın ya;o nasıl bir
kaş?bunu iş’e alan müdürle birlikte kovmak lazım

rohit aneja says:

Thanks, Good review :)

Kundan Pawar says:

not bad review. 

prashant pahwa says:

bakwas btana bhe nhe aata h…. iske peeche h fog lamp??? school ki bachi
ko poem recite krne k liyea keh diya h

Anantha Srinivas Kopalle says:

not a good commentator or describer 

Sanchit Bedre says:

Worst review host ever… Sorry but its a fact… U must watch other car
reviewers and try to improve urself… 

mahammad shihabuddeen says:


mehul rathod says:

Interior looks same as like Grand i10….
i think now hyundai will make all this segments car based on grand i10
platform….like elite i20, grand i10, xecent….now what next…?

Victor Hugo says:

Que se rasure las cejas esta mujer. Se ve horrible. grrrrrrrrr : (

Madhav Gole says:

Value for money features.. i love it

Anil Bhatt says:

Abhi bahut kuch seekhna hai aapko madam…bahut banawati sa laga aapka ye
review….better luck next time

Sven Dijkstra says:

Nice car. I like the i30 and also the i20. 

Will Ferell says:

thats actually an In depth review. Well done , sluggish but useful, dont
know why people are making fun of you but job is well done. keep it up



aleesh bibin.c says:

you are cute than car…

valappil shareef says:

Nice car

syed imran says:

Mam car is good but u r so beautiful …..aap keh rahe ho to yehi car lenge
inshallah ……

Mohammed Faizal says:

very good car

Amar Janghu says:

ata maji satkali hay

DVS Prasad says:

undoubtedly the best review i’ve ever seen…. I am trying to get an idea
on which car is best suited for me and my family…. this one will help me
a lot. straight and simple. thank you

k3374alpesh1 says:

nice beauty spot !!!! no no i mean not on the car …..its on her face ha

Gurpreet Singh says:

Good Review 

Ashutosh Sahu says:

u r so cute… <3

gautham dn says:

I liked the Review and the Car, especially with the Loads of Features, and
yes, i was also thinking if the dashboard had all Black color then it would
have given more Awesome Look !! i don’t like the dual color combination on
the dashboard. Overall i feel the New Look Rocks and Great Features..
still thinking whether to go with old i20 which carries the descent look
or new Rocking one..will wait for more Reviews!! Thank you!!

sukhraj singh says:

Karanjot ur sooooooo pretty 


Good job karanjot. Nice car n u r very cute….

debadatta khandual says:

aur ye he antenna…:D but you are sweet

Trilok Srigiri says:

simple and good review,,,,although with better design, six airbags and
led”s cud have been there

Prem Kumar says:


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