Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman vs Toyota GT86 / Scion FT86 – sportscar shootout

Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman vs Toyota GT86 / Scion FT86 – sportscar shootout

The new Alfa Romeo 4C has the right kind of credentials for a sports coupé, but can it really rival the indomitable and equivalently priced Porsche Cayman? O…



Listening Point says:

Are you guys still seriously using that canned overplayed drum and bass
line that comes preloaded on every apple computer ever sold? -50 points
production value.

Taylor Martin says:

“I want to be in *that* car!”

Happy I get to drive on every day. ;-)

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

I dunno, does going sideways really matter? Should that ‘really’ be a
benchmark of whether a car can handle? All said and done the Porsche just
comes across as a much more rounded and better engineered product. For the
money it’s got to be the Porsche hand down.

krocialblack says:

The GT-86 is a great car for the money. But it seems like a kids car.
Appreciated by 15 year old boys, who loves playing Forza Motor Sport on the
Xbox. And thinks “hellaflushing” is “hella awesome”…

The Cayman is a car that loves to do everything right. But that’s also its
downside. Because it seems to take things a little too seriously. It’s like
that guy who always walks around with a sour look on his face, and can be a
bit smug.

The 4C is beauty and poetry in motion, Italian soul and passion. But it
lacks the dramatic sound of its older sibling the 8C. And it’s not offered
in a proper manual. Which is what most people who buys these kinds of cars
are looking for.

All of these cars have different floats. Different floats for different
boats. Me? Personally? I’d go with the Alfa. I can’t pass up on that
Italian charm. It’s just so sexy. And filled with so much emotion. Although
it lacks some of the drama of it’s older brother in the sound department.
It’s still the car, I’d fall deeply in love with. Sure. It isn’t “perfect”
like the Porsche. And it’s more expensive than the Toyota. But all of that
pretty much becomes irrelevant, once you chose the car you most desire. And
I’m sure 4C owners will be very proud of their purchase.

TheOne42 says:

Sorry but the new Headlights of the production 4C are Simply UGLY! :

James B says:

The Porsche is just at a completely different level. Both Alpha and Toyota
have a weak engine. Alpha has the great looks and even great tech with the
carbon tub, but the car has some fundamental flaws mechanically with the
wrong suspension set up and feels like the car is far from being sorted out
(unfinished tuning).

ApexIXMR says:

That Alpha is a damn beautiful car. Why can’t we have them here in the

Justinas Sebeckis says:


Alfa Romeo says:

GT86 is great value, Cayman is OK, but..but…the 4C is unbelievably
beautiful so…4C wins, no doubt. Who cares about value, speed, noise when
your car is that beautiful.

PLUS, the Cayman is a Boxster with a roof, same styling, slightly better
engines, and a lot more expensive.

Plus +, my name is supposed to be “Boredest Pie” but I spelled it wrong and
can’t change it for a while :P

Dominik MJ says:

It is a pity, that such a promising car ends up with under steering. What
happened Alfa???
Porsche at this point. cannot be beaten with the final setup of the cars. 

paul torton says:

for 50k surely the best rival to the 4c would be the lotus exige s

jezuz12345 says:

Another rubbish review from Autocar…. you go to the track… and you go
sideways?!? WTF!!!??? And where’s the lap times? When you go to a track the
one who does the best lap time is the winner….

MyOpinionMatterss says:

Would better rubber help?

MrFujiwara AE86 says:

For me the better car is the Hachiroku/GT 86/FRS. A real racing car (for
expert drivers).

Trades46 says:

We’ll things haven’t changed much do they?

In 1990s, the proper sports sedan to buy is a BMW 328i, but there are these
people who would (for little logical reason) purchase a 156 GTA.

Never in history has buying an Alfa Romeo made any practical sense, but
petrolheads are always lured in just due to its special attributes. It’s
the Alfa way

Tom Haply says:

Does anyone ever buy an Alfa Romeo because it is practical ?

sootyferrari65 says:

Or save yourself 20k and buy a Smart roadster. Fun, small, practical, good
looking, good sounding, economical, reasonably fast especially when
upgraded to 110hp and it’s convertible. 

Charlie Criscola says:

So at the end of the day it’s a matter of, “Which would you rather drive?”
I’d have to agree on the fact that having a joyful ride is what matters. If
you want to get your car sideways, GT86 all day. You want a pretty car, 4C.
You want the MR performace, the Cayman. All comes down to what you want.

Luke hibbird says:

4:47 ????? you’re in a Alfa!!!. Alfa Romeo’s first real sports car in over
20 years and it’s amazing and you want to be in a Toyota?? the GT86 is good
but.. come on.
8:45 buying a sports car isn’t about being sensible.
the Alfa is the car for the real petrol head, also the GT86/BRZ.

what kind of soulless being given the choice would choose the Porsche over
the Alfa??? 

Mr Ol Skül says:

By now, I’m sure everyone not living under a rock knows that the GT86/FR-S
come equipped with Prius tires, so taking it to the track seems a little
unfair, but I get it. Take away the iconic Alfa grille/bumper and you have
what could easily pass for a Lotus. A Porsche is a Porsche, having said
that, the Alfa appeared to follow the lines that the Cayman and the Toyota
were putting down with such ease that it didn’t appear to break a sweat
(although a little lackluster in its mission, but good for timed track
days). At the end of the day, I would gladly take any of these fine cars
for completely different reasons.

supbrotv says:

The alfa is so beautiful! i thought you could only gt these kind of designs
from super brands like ferrari or mclaren.

Florian Posch says:

Maybe, drifting not what you would do to tiny, little 900 kilogram
mid-engined car all day long. Despite the fact, that Steve complains a lot
about understeer (on a wet track), i think its a quite fun thing to drive
on a track. Maybe you just keep it in the garage if its cold and wet out
there, not everyone wants to do trackdays at such weather conditions…

In addition, its probably one of the first track-ready Alfa Romeos since
the seventies, so why can’t we just enjoy… I think its lovely, maybe
because I’m driving a Giulietta and don’t really care about boring

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Blokes’ attitudes towards cars tend to be very similar to their attitudes
towards women, they go for the good-looking ones. Therefore, the Alfa wins
by a mile.

Łukasz Kozłowski says:

4C = 1/2 of 458 Italia 🙂 

ianiva says:

Good review. And I absolutely agree! It’s amazing Alfa makes that car but
you just cannot not go for the Cayman!

David Guidolin says:

Good video.. Only thing instead of the Toyota you should have included the
Lotus Elise SC. Just a thought…

konakonak says:

Ok. Porsche makes for many years very good sport cars.Alfa,with the
exception of the limited production – most beautifull car ever- 8C made the
very good Gullietta and Mito. So now gives us the 4C, a great looking car
that weights only 895 kg! and achieves 0-100km/h in 4.5 sec! Just an 1750cc
engine and we have a mini supercar. That is for me, a great achievement for
Alfa which i would buy.

satellite964 says:

To me the Alfa Romeo 4C is ugly looking.


Fair is fair. The 4c is a lemon carbon chassis or otherwise, pity really. 

DocWolph says:

4C needs a more aggressive chin spoiler and/or at least a mild splitter.
That would be to only easy fix I can think of without adding weight over
the front axle.

targa florio says:

Drifting sideways matters? Come on Autocar. Not sure people buying a 4C
care too much about that. It’s all about the exclusivity, design and 0-100.

colenbrak says:

the stock garageband music is ridiculous and inexcusable, autocar

stoppsi says:

A tip for Alfa, try not to make a car that sounds like Gran Turismo games,
it’s not a good thing.

TheJoeMB says:

Don’t like the noise the 4C makes. 

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