A in depth Walk Around video of a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

A in depth Walk Around video of a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Adam Minkley does a in depth Walk-Around video of a 2013 White Toyota FJ Cruiser. If you have any questions about this or any other toyota contact us please….



Freeman Toyota says:

Thanks for the positive feedback Mike!

Cliff Harris says:

don’t know fo sho, but i think the “built in runnin’ light (3:10), is
actually for wheelin’ in the dark so poor bastard thats tryin to direct the
vehicle, from the front, can see the dimensions of that badboy fj. pure
speculation here.

TangoMikeMike73 . says:

Fine job Adam,thanks.

Freeman Toyota says:

Here’s Adam showing us a in depth walk around video of a 2013 Toyota FJ
A in depth Walk Around video of a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Kingmoe _0.o says:

Thank u very much for the help … I think I will go for the air intake

Freeman Toyota says:

Your welcome! I hope it helped give you more information so that you can
make a more informed vehicle purchase decision. Thanks for the input, and
thanks for watching!

TheTruthQuest123 says:

I’m a ASE certified mechanic and I tell this to people all the time, but
they never listen,.. until something locks up

Rudiger Dumiharter says:

Goofy ass review

مخاوي الذيب says:

تسلم الغالي خلاص خذيت وحدة سودة وسقف حطيت جلاد اسود طلعت صح ^^

Kingmoe _0.o says:

السيارة أكثر من رائعة !! أنا عندي اللون الأبيض و بصراحة ممتاز عشان الشمس و
لو بتحط عليها تلزيف أسود أو فايبر كاربون بيتطلع السيارة خطيييييرة 🙂

aky19832001 says:

I highly don’t recommend changing the oil once every 10k. Even with
synthetic. Depending on weather and driving conditions, using synthetic,
the most anyone should go is 5k.


One should change oil every 100km.

Hussam Alkhashrami says:

LOL he is looking to the car and don’t know what to say because it has no

Oscar Lim says:

wow great video! I was wondering how much this vehicle costed for you. Im
14 this year and im hoping to save up enough money when im 16 or 18 to have
this car as my first car!

مخاوي الذيب says:

انا في شارجة سمعت انه ممنوع بس ماضن ممنوع لانة لون سيارة اسود انا حاط علي
سقف مو كامل يعني مو جلاد كامل بس سقف مكان لون الابيض سمعت كثير يقولن ممنوع
لو تغير لون سيارة بس لو تبي رائي اتصل في المررور قسم الترخيص واسال

Freeman Toyota says:

Awesome. If and when you do, would you please tell us how it does? I would
love to hear your thoughts on the TRD cold air intake on a FJ. I love that
kind of stuff.

greenheep says:

the gay factor here is off the charts .

Kingmoe _0.o says:

الله يخليك … أسالك إنت و ين عايش ؟؟؟ عشان قانون الجلاد لأني متردد بصراحة
عشان ما اضطر اشيلو يوم تجديد الملكية

Colt D says:

I really want one of those trucks

Questtt3 says:

Nice review-thanks.

Kingmoe _0.o says:

مشكور اخوي 🙂

Freeman Toyota says:

TRD(Toyota Racing Development) offers 2 accesories we could find: 1. TRD
cold Air Intake-part number PTR03-89100 we sell for $475 just parts(not
installed). 2. TRD Performance Exhaust System-part number PTR31-35070 we
sell for $499 just parts(not installed) There may be more that we didn’t
see. And there is always aftermarket stuff, just be careful with those,
because some of the aftermarket stuff can void your warranty. I hope this

مخاوي الذيب says:

I decided that I buy it but I’m confused as to white or black color

Kingmoe _0.o says:

Can I ask about any accecories that increases the horse power of the car
… I am thinking of mounting an air filter system in the car … but does
that affect the car in the future ??

jbferrer3 says:

my concern is that 90 degree front window and the blind spot towards the
back of the cruiser. do you think its a big difference compared to any
other car?

Freeman Toyota says:

Honeslty Oscar we shot that video about 6 months ago, so no idea what the
sticker msrp was on it. But keep working at it, and saving up. Buying a
vehicle is never cheap! And the FJ’s we have in stock range from
$33,503-$36,698. If you have any indepth questions, just call Adam directly
or email him. Take care, and Have a Great Day!

Freeman Toyota says:

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