850WHP Toyota Supra vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Rizla Edition

850WHP Toyota Supra vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Rizla Edition

Toyota Supra with massive power pulls against a big bike. was filmed @ 1/4 mile event in Germany. The Supra managed times in the 11´s @ this event. The GSXR …



sharmaldh says:

Stock liter bikes will almost never win against 800hp+ cars. A bike may
match the cars till say 150mph or so but then the car will always pull away
like we see here. A stock liter bike will do around 185mph but cars above
800hp should have no problem doing 205mph+. A pro-rider who can tuck in
properly and shift without lifting the front wheel will keep the bike ahead
initially but the such high horsepower cars will always win at high speed.
But putting a turbo on a bike is whole another story ;)

dave whelan says:

If he didn’t change the sprockets on the bike he might of had a chance

Gardener Rob says:

Lol hotted up Toyota supra can only just out gun the stock street bike,
waste of time and money.

Jethro Rose says:

one has factory warranty :D

toddnet996 says:

Its funny when people put $80,000 into a $8,000 car so they say they out
ran a $10,000 stock superbike. Put the same amount of money into the bike
that you put in the car and then make a video.

Iconocla5t says:

But why a GSXR 1000? They should take a ducati panigale 1199 or HP4. They
would beat the shit out of that stupid ricer supra. Or if you race tuned
vehicles they should try the turbo busa with 499hp. Its not really fear to
race against a stock vehicle with a heavily tuned one. Even though the
supra was pretty bad due to the fact its “just” a litre gixxer lol

kylian gregoire says:

Supra the best

Bigg Z says:

all these butthurt bike riders, complaining about why the supra won… at
the end of the day it won, it shat all over the bike, so have a suck cunts

breedam says:

all the butthurt bikers her on the comments…. why just not like both?

Bigg Z says:

lol +ToxicReaper7 it clearly says 850hp, and it got smoked….. gsxr 100
cant even beat a supra LOL

Alex van Kempen says:

Nice bike wear……..ouch…..

melissa wright says:

i have more fun watching the comments on these videos that the vids
themselves. there should be a license required for breeding- most of you
people’s parents woulda never had you- but then i wouldn’t get to laugh as

Unanimous0001 says:

If he woulda kept it on 1 wheel he woulda blew his ass. Less friction ftw!

Johnny Appleseed says:

Get a proper rider, put turbo and nitrous on the bike. That car would be
dust in the wind.

Simon Spiers says:

The bike will run like that all day. The Car with that much boost won’t!

SuperColouredPencil says:

GSXR riders position is a tad funny…get your arse to the back of that
seat and put your chin on the tank!

Audiophilia says:

Yeah because its so comfortable going 170 with your girl beating you from
the back of your rat bike………

Péter Csillag says:
billy m says:

if both wheels would stay down on the gsxr it would win by a way bigger
margin !!! as when the wheel in the front go up the bike slows down a bit
through the gears !!!



QuantreXx says:

You need 850 WHP to beat a Bike? OMG

Harry Martinolich says:

i hear that super charger… but that bike is fucking bad

559to916 says:

I think the bike is already mod too much. See the weight to power ratio. A
car with the same w:p as a bike would beat any bikes, dead stop or not.
I’ve always joke that if you put a 1.5 ton trailer on that bike, i’d
probably beat it from a dead roll with my corolla. Think before you spout
nonsense please.


a stock 2004 R1 would batter anything in this vid

Warren Sheehan says:

its fuck funny, when every bike owner starts about, Seating position and
this and how the oak does not know what he is doing lol.. Give respect
where its due, the BIKE is mental fast, we all know that, so well done to
the Car

seahawkz3 says:

Ive owned an r1 and am a fan of how much power the supras produce… I
didnt notice the last race if it was from a dead stop but I assume most
1000cc bikes would pull out the gate but this high geared monster will
catch it on top end

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