4x4TV Test – 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

4x4TV Test – 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Stunr99 says:

How about a 2nd gen Montero with the rear diff vs the Land Cruiser (98-99
UZJ100 (pre ATAC)?

Super Gaul Warrior says:

What’s more capable this or a 2002 montero ?

Carol Topp says:

Handles amazingly on snow and ice as well. This winter has been brutal in
Wisconsin. I’m hoping to get another 10 years out of this puppy! 😉 

shadowq8 says:

its a car made for off road performance not to get you off

Jamal Fakih says:

FJZ80 was the last great Land Cruiser Front, Center, and Rear Lockers.

4x4TVTV says:

Don’t make me cry…… 😉

Nate Bullock says:

I find that hard to believe. Sure you guys were using it properly? That had
the beginning of Gen 3 atrac, which was pretty aggressive. Ive crawled my
way across crown kings back way, and the off trails of box canyon and three
peaks in Arizona in a stock 4th gen 4runner and 100 series, with the mini
van high way tires they come stock with, and not had any issues, while
other trucks with opens and no traction control had a much harder time. I
though it would have left a nice impression with u.

Andy Tan says:

And live front axle!!! The 105 series is actually based on the 80 series. I
hate seeing SUV with IFS.

4x4TVTV says:

@mateodeleon2000 You are all too right. Kinda sad that people want a
serious off-roader but really don’t want to put up with all the things
associated with real 4-wheelers. So in response the manufacturers dumb down
the SUV until we have Hybrid Highlanders 😉

Nate Bullock says:

not one mention of atrac? jeezz

4x4TVTV says:

Now that you’ve added that and we know the 93-97 models aren’t
eligible….might as well add 2WD-4WD switchable drivetrain…. Might as
well just go buy a good FJ60 😉

Sergey Khochay says:

I have 3 Land Cruisers 80 100 and 200 and all 3 are different and the same:
at the same time 80-Slow TANK; 100-Faster TANK; 200-Fast TANK.

4x4TVTV says:

We found it insignificant at best.

Sebastian Conrad says:

drab, boaring, dull, generic, plane, ordanary. all these words match the
Toyota brand. the land cruiser is no exception, the FJ 40 was the last
exciting landcruiser.

Alawi AL-Amry says:

I have a 2005 land cruiser and it’s awesome!

rocknrollax42 says:

get an early model 100 series, the 105 not the shitty ones with IFS, either
the 4.5 or the 4.2, 3 inch lift, some muddys, remove the plastic bumpers,
replace them with a bull bar and a steel rear bumper, and replace the side
steps, with some sliders, and you’re set

taitai907 says:

The Land Cruiser needs two things: 1) chop down on all the luxury crap, 2)
straight six engine.

jan585 says:

4) The new 70 series in Europe !! 5) Non-electronic fuel injection !!

taitai907 says:

It’s a very sad truth. I own a 1990 4Runner and only managed to take it off
the road on a road trip to Utah. I had to beg my mom.

brad11344 says:

crown king is badass

taitai907 says:

Or a Land Cruiser 70 with a 4.5L diesel V8 and a 5-speed manual. Too bad I
live in the U.S.

Sebastian Conrad says:

@4x4TVTV, the fj 55 was interestingly weird looking and had some soul, but
nothing like the fj40, the jeep wrangler is a good example of keeping a
classic fun utility alive. Open doors, soft top, and ruged looks keep it
fun. I feel the land crusier is just a name now, yeah its reliable and well
built and if thats all you care about then great, get a cruiser but I need
a car with a soul, one that will put a smile on my face when i drive it.
The land crusier is just way to bland for me.

Arda86ca says:

That Land Cruiser exists guys (105 series) just not for you

4x4TVTV says:

@123abcpa WHat about the 55? The 60? The 80? I’ll stop there……

taitai907 says:

Toyota trucks and truck-based SUVs don’t match that description. Maybe the
cars, crossovers, and minivans do, not the trucks.

sixstring.picker says:

well, from what i have read, Toyota’s statistics show that in these modern
times, 90% of Land Cruiser owners do no use their cars off road. Don’t burn
me here, i got this from an article. Now if this is the case then Toyota
has no choice. the opinion or the needs of the remaining 10% will not feed
Toyota. Can’t make anyone happy. and the world is sometimes a paradox.
that’s life.

taitai907 says:

Oh, I forgot the manual transmission.

4x4TVTV says:

A return to the pre 1998 models 😉

4x4TVTV says:

The Land Cruiser certainly did! While we were indeed impressed with its
4-wheel drive capabilities, those highway tires and the lacks of any ‘true’
locker had us bemoaning the move away from off road explorer to fancy
grocery getter. Perhaps in retrospect it was better than we thought –
especially seeing where SUVs are now 😉

wldeanml says:

There is no exception; every Landcruiser is awesome. There is a reason why
many governmental and non-governmental agencies use them around the world.
That is because of their true utilitarian capabilities as well as all
around versatility. I have seen Landcruiser do off-road trails with less
effort than Defender, Patrol, Bronco, Expedition, Jeep, name it. . .

Ryam Keller says:

@4x4TVTV yeah 60 was the last really good one they get to fat after that

abzin goma says:

loool 2:23

TheDirtball524 says:

I love mine!!!!

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