2hp: Toyota RAV4 2013 VS VW Tiguan

2hp: Toyota RAV4 2013 VS VW Tiguan

German Volkswagen Tiguan is not giving up its positions, and of course, Japanese RAV-4 will stand its ground. If we’d decided to hide logos on these cars, an…



brice mermillod says:

OMG Rav 4 is ugly!

Bishwatma Dawadi says:

toyota RA4 is great

Phen amenol says:

you should have said in your header that they are both diesel engines
…that way most of us would not waste our time to look at these

FiredEmpire says:

sorry? I didn’t get the Christmas tree joke…

Mrphatbastard1 says:

I’d like a re-test of both vehicles 300k miles from now, if the krautcan
hasn’t been recycled yet…

Carlos Moreira says:

Can you test the Mazda CX-5 and Nissan Rouge?

jandj Godwin says:

Can you please test the Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi AWD vs Mazda CX-5 AWD vs VW
Tiguan AWD pleaseeee, and great 2 see English translation

Bilal Ahmed says:

What a shit test, that body twist test was completely in accurate.

2hp says:

Toyota RAV4 vs VW Tiguan.

Carlos Moreira says:

Very good review. Thanks. 1st, yo!

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