2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car First Drive – HybridCars.com Review

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car First Drive – HybridCars.com Review

Its name in Japanese means “future,” and more than just another new car, Toyota says the 2016 Mirai is a symbolic first step toward a “Hydrogen Society” for …



Roy Richardson says:

Aside from the year in the title being wrong (2016) it should perhaps have
been titled “Advert” rather than “review” given the complete lack of
mention of all the problems with Hydrogen
Top 10 being:
1. Steam reforming of natural gas or methane is currently the least
expensive method of producing hydrogen and accounts for about 95% of the
hydrogen produced in the United States. Steam reforming process results in
greenhouse gas emissions of CO2. So where is the advantage over
conventional fuel as you are still creating CO2 and still using a finite
2. You are combining two energies (natural gas + power to heat to 700 –
1100 °C to generate hydrogen) to create the one energy for this car.
Generation of Hydrogen from water is easy, but extremely energy inefficient
such that you would be better to use the electricity directly in an
electric car
3. Acceleration is poor compared to electric cars (Mirai= 0-60 in 9 secs,
the slowest, comparably priced Tesla S60 = 5.9 secs)
4. The massive cost of the filling stations ($2m EACH) is being met by the
Californian tax payer
5. The Hydrogen gas during the 3 year pilot phase is being provided free to
users at the expense of the Californian tax payer
6. The reason the gas is free is because they have been unable to come up
with a pricing method. So adding 10 miles of range is the same as adding
300 miles of range, they are just increasing the pressure in the tank to
10,150 psi.
7. Scuba tanks, which have to carry pressures less than a third of these
tanks, have to be regularly inspected- no mention of how the two high
pressure tanks in this car will or can be checked
8. Current estimate of COST price (not retail price) of the hydrogen needed
to drive 300 miles is $50.00
9. Trucking hydrogen to the filling stations is 10 times less efficient
then conventional fuel – A 44-ton vehicle that can carry enough gasoline to
refuel 800 cars could only carry enough hydrogen to fuel 80 vehicles.
10 And this is all before you start to question the safety issues such as
one hydrogen filling station already blowing up in Aug 2010 – Rochester, NY
when an 18-wheeler tractor truck was transferring hydrogen to the station)

Procrastinator7 says:

Hydrogen: When you want to continue using fossil fuel but pretend that you
are “green”.

Samuel Vella says:

I’ve noticed that most comments on this video are very negative towards
this emerging technology. Heck, even EV owners are bashing on it with the
usual “You’re sitting on a bomb” or “There’s no infrastructure” or “You’re
still burning fossil fuels”. Now, can you draw any obvious comparisons to
the EV market a few years back? All these arguments are nearly identical to
what EV’s faced (and still face to a lesser extent), such as “You’re
sitting on a potential fire”, “There’s no infrastructure” and “You’re still
burning fossil fuels to make the electricity”.
People, it’s all about time and the economy of scale. Give this technology
10 years and by then, there will be plenty of infrastructure, the hydrogen
will be produced in a renewable way, it’ll be cheaper and even safer – Just
as electric vehicles have exhibited, and just as conventional gasoline cars
exhibited over the past century. You guys forget that when the petrol
powered car was first invented, it faced much the same criticism as you are
producing now….

Cory in the house says:

“mirrai” in Japanese means future thats clever on their part :D

Ghanshyam Ramdany says:

Tesla motors will go crazy bcoz there cars are gng to flop…this fuel cell
car is more promising and reliable..hydrogen is just cheap and renewable..

Patrick Thomas says:

No downside?
How about Hydrogen gas?
Who’s going to sit atop that high pressure H2 tank? (Quickly skimmed over
in the video)
Obviously people who don’t know how dangerous the stuff is will.
The Blonde will tell you all you need to hear,
but I’d wait for a few generations of vehicle modifications from
“accidents” to workout
those unforseen problems before I get one and put my family in it.

Insurance should be higher on these since the potential explosion from
these will exceed the fireballs of gasoline cars.

Влад Вишня says:

Этот двигатель работает на пресной воде. А вы знаете что пресной воды на
земле очень мало осталось? Тоесть потребление и дЕфицит питьевой воды
увеличится и после этого все источники пресной воды станут платными. А вода
это жизнь! А за жизнь люди начнут делать все что им скажут правители.

Arnis Tarassu says:

Forgot one extra downside. Hydrogen price. Also hydrogen price if it is
100% renewable.

James Wisrik says:

Toyota,,,Please sale this vehicle in Centennial, CO…. I would love to
lease/buy one. I see so so so much positive potential w/ this vehicle. 

Tom Zukow says:

This is pipe dream, I own Nissan Leaf and to recharge battery in level 3
charger takes about 25 min.The cost of level 3 station is about 50.000 $,
hydrogen station-$500,000 and $5,000,000 per installation. In case of fire
or accident this car has small hydrogen bomb build in with 10000 psi.
Batteries getting better and cheaper each year.Infrastructure is already
good and mostly free.

Lennox1492 says:

Less talk more visuals of the car and that didn’t mean the fast paced once
over of the same part of the car over and over again. Barely got a look at
the ass of the car! Thumbs down number 14 ok

German Galvan says:

Everything amazing, but… why so ugly?

hana says:

They say Mirai’s Hydrogen price is approximately equal to Prius(gasoline
price) in Japan.
I don’t know about U.S.

inraid says:

and what prevents the “high pressure hydrogen tank”
from blowing up in a serious collision?

PS Chan says:

They did not mentioned Hydrogen price. How much you need to fill up the
tank ? No point if its more expensive than gasoline.

aborkmga says:

Beautiful and smart and cute i like her is she single ?

and the tec is great ,, it cud be the Future

Tim Salotto says:

Introducing…. the all new 2016 Toyota WALRUS!!!

Retinalism says:

“10,000 psi – 70MPa”!!! Any gas engineers out there who can calculate the
amount of energy required to compress hydrogen to such a high pressure, 680
atmospheres! I’m not anti-hydrogen, but let’s be sensible about the energy
inputs to get the “green gains”. I can’t imagine pressurisng this gas to be
(an energy) cheap process?

CMCNestT says:

No perceptible downside other than the H2 infrastructure? The Mirai is a
$57,500 Corolla S that seats 4 instead of 5..

Are those 300 miles of range certified by the EPA in a Monroney sticker?

In order for Mirai to match the carbon footprint of a BEV fueling on the CA
grid the hydrogen needs to be 2/3 renewable.

Since Toyota is not selling these in W Virginia no point in bragging in can
match the carbon foot print of a BEV charging off the national average
electrical grid or much less W. Virginia.

Andromeda Wins says:

why not looking normal ?… usefull hatchback would be nice, why do I need
computer skills to drive it ?…, u basically looking in the monitor
instead of driving… , they want our eyes to go blind, we need no
destruction simple cheap vehicles that are easy on eyes no digital dispays
just plain “clocks”

Joey P says:

Look quite nice at front end, but soooo ugly at the back end:(
Why not Toyota do LPG or CNG with hybrid motor, there are a lot more fuel
station around the country.

Eric Oshiro says:

Thank you, Toyota!

Jae hyun Park says:

real innovation

Joseph says:

i am going to get one.

Aenigmaa says:

There is one other downside… The exterior looks like shit.

jy02250883 says:

i like that girl

Jayy A says:

The back looks ugly

84Ateo says:

I’ve a quaestion is there possibility to study a way to be hydrogen to
create autoefficiency inside the car?

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