2016 KIA Sorento TFL4K Review: A Bigger, Nicer & Snazzier Family Truckster

2016 KIA Sorento TFL4K Review: A Bigger, Nicer & Snazzier Family Truckster

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 KIA Sorento is an all new version of KIA’s crossover. For 2016 KIA has redesigned this family truckster and made it bigger and more comfortable. KIA has also…



Kane Smith says:

I applaud Kia for what they’re doing right, but their reliability is still
just atrocious. Too many things just go wrong for a brand trying to move

ps. You guys are getting so fast with new stuff. I see new content on your
channel well before any of the other ones. Motor Trend has gone down hill
lately in both reporting and content. Seems more like they’re trying to be
a little bit of everything and not really great at anything.

dave dunn says:

These reviews by TFL suck! Where is the actual info about the car?
Suspension? Weight? It’s just repetitive “nice leather, heated seats” etc.
Tfl needs more structure 

XCARFilms says:

We certainly saw this car on +The Fast Lane Car first! the 2016 KIA
Sorento! What a car this is going to be

William Allen says:

This is a great looking vehicle, but I’m frustrated that every SUV that was
in the class of a Ford Edge has now gone up a class (besides the Edge).
Everything that was small has now turned into full-size SUV. I always liked
the Sorento because it appealed to a younger crowd with 0-1 kids, and now
this has turned into a highlander/pathfinder/traverse that just hauls kids
around. That aside, love the quality and the materials, but will no longer
look to purchase one.

Dajour Howard says:

I like it but the back of it seem like the new Toyota highlander idk if
it’s just me or not I’m just saying but i would buy this tho!!

DazdnCofuzd says:

Not a bad looking suv at all, it’s not my thing, but looks good
nonetheless. The interior looks very well done and I enjoy the red leather
seats. The front end looks good, but I’m not sure about the 4-LED fog
lights just don’t look right too me.

hyylo says:

you get more space in a TESLA 

fanowner12 says:

I drove a 2014 as a rental this past summer for a weekend road trip, and it
was the base LX model, I4, FWD, 5-passenger, but it was comfortable, I
didn’t feel any fatigue on a 1,000+ mile road trip and it got great MPG. My
aunt drives a 2013 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T and that engine is so peppy. Can’t
wait to see how Sorento performs and rides (:

Jonathan Washington says:

Looks more minivanish but still a great looker and interior color is

Zachary Jones says:

Do you guys have the review of the new Kia Sedona yet +The Fast Lane Car ?

Tony Velasquez says:

Sure they give you more tech than any other brand for same price as the
other guys, BUT that doesn’t necessarily means they’re good cars I have
heard lot of cases where Kia doesn’t want to cover their 100,000 warranty
.I got a Kia Forte5 back in March for the first two months the car was
responsive after that it just felt like under powered ,noise cabinet is one
of the worse specially once you hit the highway went to different forums
lot of complaints .so sold it back to the dealer which btw they were being
dicks to buy it back . 

prl08 says:

I love this design on the inside and out. I completely agree that the
interior looks well thought. I also like what I’ve seen of their new
infotainment system.

I feel like Roman and Emme are two of the few people who share my love for
panoramic sunroofs

dave dunn says:

Hyundais and kias have become to expensive and have to many pricey option
packages. Their getting to cocky.

joedogg9836 says:

Nice going Roman! Now after reviewing them back to back, would you prefer
this over the 2015 Murano? Not which is sportier, but which has better fit
and finish, more comfortable, roomy, etc.?

Evgeni Sibirkin says:

ruined the tail lights, looks like a Highlander or a Sequoia 🙁 loved their
glowing hook-like squares they have in the 2013/2014 much more than this
typical uninspiring new look.

serhio1989 says:

6:50 Вахидов

GTAV_Dude says:

Wow…this just looks great…way better than the Rav 4 and CRV.

headcas620 says:

It looks so much like the Sedona it’s not even funny. 

dchawk81 says:

I’ve come to hate the word “truckster.”

cassmanio says:

Thank you Emily and Ronan. Saw it first here. I wouldn’t be surprised if
you guys get your own TV show one day

Dave Marsh says:

I’m surprised when you were talking about how big the back area was, you
didn’t lift the floor mat. On the 5-seater (like your tester), there is
almost enough under-floor storage to fit yet another body!

YazeedSaber says:

Love the new fog lights design. 

Rafal R. Korczeniewski says:

roman, damn it, stop bashing CVTs. rather get used to them. you sound like
an old ugly hag constantly nagging blah blah blah regular transmission are
better blah blah blah. cvts are the way of the future.

t Harris says:

2016 KIA Sorento TFL4K Review: A Bigger, Nicer & …:

Dan lee says:

It looks Like an xc 60

daz088 says:

Any news on the 2016 Kia Sportage?

Fevian Cortes says:

You guys are the best! Thanks for posting this and keep the great work!

david dykeman says:

Roman, truck or car?

Josh Shuo Zhang says:

I hope ’16 Optimas will get similar headlamps and facia! It’s definitely
less of a jellybean than current model.

Superfartz says:

Rather have a mclaren P1

Lomas Ticas says:

Infiniti/Nissan front and Jeep Grand Cherokee every where else.

Copying brands Next …

Angel Muñoz says:

looks like a highlander from the back and totally the same in the front as
kias minivan the sedona , what an ugly car honestly 

Mr. Evans DeLite says:

Water down Audi…definitely like this Kia Sorrento

ghd bfb says:

Not my first time seeing this seen it a month or so ago elsewhere

Laurentiu Dumitru says:

Are you sure is not 3016? At the end, why not, there will be no difference!
We are still in 2014 folks! 2014!!!!! So, if you already have it, is a 2014

cwescapexlt4x4 says:

Did KIA mention when this would go on sale? I have a 2011 Optima that I
would be replacing

Kregg Pinckney says:

Sticker price? 

Barobran92 says:

I really like the way it looks inside and out, I do think they could have
gone with 20″ rims though.

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