2016 Kia Sorento Review

2016 Kia Sorento Review

The 2016 Kia Sorento crossover sits between the compcat SUVs and the mid sized competitors. Now this SUV has a new 2.0L turbo engine.



lexusfan100 says:

waht about the 2nd row..u did not take good shots. like vents, arm rest

Clark Kent says:

looks so much like the new jaguar XE, even the rims too…

dave dunn says:

Hyundai/kia have gotten way overpriced and have way to many expensive
options. They also have bad reliabilty on their electronics..nav, stereos,
back up cams etc

Ben Haze says:

The only reason why 7-passenger sales are going to increase significantly
is because Kia is forcing anyone interested in a V6 engine to pay for 3
rows of seating that is most likely not wanted nor needed. For that reason
I hope Kia is wrong and it will likely help Ford to sale for Edges.

And for that same reason the new Sorento is off my list of possible

brave warrior says:

My Korean wife gets so excited when you do a review on a Korean car , out
comes the rice and kimchi . Yes yobo I’ll turn the volume up so you can
hear Zack .

Gregory Caldwell says:

+Motormouth Canada I really enjoyed this review along with your review of
the new land rover discovery sport. According to the Kia website a fully
loaded 2016 Sorento will MSRP for about $48K while a similarly equipped
Discovery sport is about $55k. I have two young childern and a dog and will
use the 3rd row occasionally. Which car would you buy and why?


Jonthearm says:

You are wrong about the 2.0 turbo engine the Santa Fe has more bhp 264

Motormouth Canada says:

After only 2 years #Kia updates the #2016KiaSorento @kiacanada. Which one
would you choose?

Koo Joon says:

Hard to trust long term reliability as I’m a Korean. For example I couldn’t
adjust wheel alignment due to the rust. They are still using cheap parts
under the hood. Their attraction is always sneaky bells and whistles. Just
matching the spec numbers when it’s brand new.

cncfan says:

Definitely looks better than the last one 

Ahmed AlSubhi says:

beautiful SUV 

Christopher Torres says:

Just ordered a limited v6 with awd yesterday cant wait

iSina93 says:

2016 already? Desperate much ?

Jonthearm says:

Sorry to say but your wrong again it has less torque 

Andrew H says:

Hope it’s better than the 1st gen I had. Looked great on paper but I had to
get rid of it after only 3 yrs, 12 headlight bulbs, 27 tail light bulbs,
several interior light bulbs and 3 batteries. Kia didn’t consider this
unusual. I’ve never used roadside assist until Kia. I would consider it a
tie for worst car I’ve owned (Ford Pinto was the other). Replaced Sorento
with Ford Edge Limited AWD; absolutely the best car I have owned.

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