2016 Kia Sorento Detailed Review and Road Test – in 4K!

2016 Kia Sorento Detailed Review and Road Test – in 4K!

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dennisscipio says:

The last thing I would be seeing you in is a tench coat, but the interior
reminds me of the new Sedona. :/

VTEC kick in says:

Lol, I don’t know why I had laughed when the trailer was in the room but
this was a great first impression. To me I think this is the best in class.
Better tech and interior quality than the Durango, better style well to me
than the highlander and has a better interior than the Pathfinder. Best
well rounded car in class. O I have a question for you +Alex on Autos is
that real aluminum in the interior as it looks very real if its fake.
Awesome review And great job as usual.

Travis R. says:

Do you happen to know if Kia is still undecided on light and reflector
configurations? I know you said in another comment that the vehicles are
often pre-production prototypes but I noticed your test vehicle has the fog
lights I have previously seen on their European version, rather than the
(ugly, in my opinion) “ice cube” fog lights found on the US version but the
reflectors on the rear bumper do not appear to be the same as on the
European version and rather look like those found on the US version. I
guess I’m just hoping Kia could still potentially ditch the “ice cube” fog
lights on the US version.

Poet says:

Nice review. Will you be doing a review of the LX model soon? I’m aiming
more at buying the more commonly sold version as opposed to the wallet
bursting sx-limited

fanowner12 says:

I rented a 2014 base model LX FWD I4 model this past summer for a 1,000+
mile road trip and boy was it comfortable! I didn’t feel fatigued at all!
Can’t wait to see how the new one competes! (:

Dave Marsh says:

You kept referring to that red one as an SXL when it is clearly just an
SX. How could you possibly miss that? There is a big difference in
standard equipment between the 2…not the least of which is the quite
obvious lack of quad LED fog lights on that SX. If you’re going to do such
a lengthy, thorough review, you should really try a bit harder to get your
facts straight.

Dongi says:

Have they changed anything with the frame and structure – the Kia scored a
poor in the small overlap test. Hyundai’s related Santa Fe has not been
tested for that test at all. That was one of the major reasons we did not
consider either of them when we got the Highlander. 

Ivan Vojt says:

Alex has Mother In Law issues. Not saying that is a bad thing.

Dominic Sobreo says:

Noob question, does it also use Hyundai’s Bluelink for the infotainment?

corradomr2 says:

Nicely refined. Has a slight Audi A3 interior design and a strong
resemblance to the MDX ‘s exterior side and rear design (note doors and
chrome D-pillar trim design). Overall, nice polished vehicle especially for
the price, significantly narrowing the gap with the luxury brands in the
fit/finish/refinement area.

allierogers says:

I know the Kia is $10K less and not “luxury”, how does the SXL rank against
the Acura MDX?

cadsux says:

The Sorento and the Sedona’s new facia reminds me a lot of the current
Jaguar sedans, with the headlights centered horizontally with the grille.
Of course, the Kia’s grille is wider . It does look more upscale, but I
prefer the sleeker, wraparound blended grille/headlights of the previous
version. In all your reviews, I believe this is the most wardrobe changes
for you and the subject vehicle(s)!

Emeka Mgbaja says:

Nissan Rogue has a 7 passenger option??? That’s news! 

normaspirated says:

Jesus… Schreyer is going all in with Kia/hyundai’s money, and is
succeeding so far. Pretty genius of Kia/Hyundai to loan auto journalists
fully loaded models.

Bosco Gong says:

Does it come with a spare? If it does, I’m assuming a donut?

jimmy bryant says:

First comment? I have been waiting for a new video all week lol.

Sharat Chandra says:

Mother in law joke never gets old!!! 

PrinceAdamu says:

It’s not even 2015, yet car manufacturers are already rolling out their
2016 cars.

Danny Chan says:

If there is a hump in the second row, what is under that hump? I have sat
in AWD Suvs and they have no hump, why?

Sriram Narayanan says:

4K is the way to go Alex…thanks again!!

Emeka Mgbaja says:

Very nicely done review. 

scf685 says:

Alex, what was the model you tested? I see when you went to the back it
said it was the SX. The SXL would be the top of the line model.

kelwin lau says:

good job having 2k video

Nam Duong says:

Looks nice!

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