2016 Kia Sorento 7-Passenger SUV Test Drive Video Review

2016 Kia Sorento 7-Passenger SUV Test Drive Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/kia/sorento/?id=32972 The 2016 Sorento is an all-new and completely redesigned version of Kia’s largest SUV. Kia is trying to make t…



Jonathan Altieri says:

Both Kia and Hyundai are really nice, well built vehicles and their
reliability has gone up quickly. Compared to the old ones way back, it’s
like a whole other car maker. 

bmwmsport11 says:

This guy is pretty good at reviews but idk whoever did the camera footage
needs to try harder. I didn’t see the rear end of the vehicle once lmao 

tgilldesign says:

How would you compare this in size, comfort, etc to the 2014/15 Toyota
Highlander?? I own the new Highlander and am not happy with it’s quality,
believe-it-or-not. Thinking about selling it and looking into a
competitive unit, but don’t want something *much* smaller than the
Highlander….. Plus, I want some towing capacity. Looked at the 2015
Murano…. but with CVT, it can only tow 1,500 lbs. Thanks.

Heather Barley says:

WOW!!!! That is great to hear! what do you recommend between Sorento and
Santafe? I like to get 2.0 Turbo model.

leo Germany says:

For that amount of money I’d buy a fully loaded 2011 bmw X5 with the V8

Kelvin Wright says:

I personally don’t like the way he does a walkaround of the 2016 Kia
Sorento. Frome the start he’s talking about it in a way that it’s not as
good as some of it’s competitors and it is as good or better than most
vehicles in it’s class. 

Stefan Serbia says:

Kia got pretty in the last few years! I like this SUV … sexy thing

Jerictron5000 says:

Like the other viewer said, you guys managed to skip the whole rear end of
this car which many viewers would like to see. It’s a nice looking SUV!

David Halifax says:

Some of the black button controls in Kia products are still easily smudged
and faded overtime.

333bmurph says:

When you get up to the top of the line model it just doesn’t make sense to
spend 40k on this suv, there are a lot of SUVs in this price range that
won’t deprecate as fast as Kia does. 

E Meyer says:

Can see it at a price point under $30K.Over that there are too many better
alternatives.Resale values are still in the toilet on KIA’s .

shopwithaaron says:

Always enjoy your take…thx.

T.J. Keon says:

Even more Gold!

werbrown says:

Good review, thanks.

tochjo772 says:

why is this guy keep saying people don’t expect this from kia??? deal
with it i don’t think kia expects nothing less from them selves<3

Arslan Khalid says:


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